2018 Range Rover Evoque Price in India

2018 Range Rover Evoque Price in India

2018 Range Rover Evoque Price in India – The range Rover Evoque is a compact crossover SUV produced by the British manufacturer Land Rover, part of the Tata Jaguar Land Rover Group. It has been around since July 2011 in three and five door, two and four wheel drive. The resurrection is designed to appeal to urban and buyer qualified for fuel economy and low CO2 emissions. The production of this vehicle is very similar to the Land Rover LRX in concept, which was introduced at the North American International Auto Show in January 2008. Evoque has been positively received by the automotive press to retain the characteristics of comfort, off-road capability and the range Rover is traditional in small packages. Land Rover Evoque almost 88,000 units sold in the first year of production.

For starters, the range Rover Evoque 2018 is already equipped with the latest infotainment Touch Pro InControl system features-screen 10.2 inch touch screen equipped with the option map Street, ‘n’ pinch zoom function and customizable home screen. The display offers a resolution of 1280 x 542 pixels representing an increase of 80 percent in the standard 8-inch system.

2018 Range Rover Evoque Mud Off Road

The choice of color palette of paint 18 after addition of Aruba, extreme silicone cliff of black, gray and Silver metallic paint Premium Carpathians. The new edition of the cube is built on dynamic levels of HSE Trim adds a black theme. These include design of red roof of Florence like the contrast of the black body, unique badging Santorini around and one set of 20 wheels black satin, among others. The cabin is dressed in black leather with sewing red and gleaming black full contrast adjustment.

2018 Range Rover Evoque Interior

2018 Range Rover Evoque Interior

The cab is intended to be a luxury and luxury in harmony with the rest of the range Rover brand. The most important decision: the length of the cabin remains sunroof and entertainment system 8-inch touch screen that can show two different images at the same time for the driver and front passenger, the same system used in the Land Rover Range Rover models, and much more. As mood lighting, colors like red, blue and is in frames of door, handle, and the corners and cracks of awakening on the other. Evoque also has a button starting system, which will start the vehicle automatically, after testing the keychain. Seats in the cabin and four, with an optional heated seats, steering wheel and windshield wipers. There is also information of display drivers 5 inches, which displays information about the vehicles and much more. There are 12 Interior colors are available in a variety of ornaments of wood and metal, as well as three optional ceiling treatment contrasts.

2018 Range Rover Evoque Engine

Ready in three engines available for the Evoque: two-litre turbodiesels 1.4 produce good 148 bhp (110 kW; 150 PS), or 187 bhp (190 kW; 139 PS) and 237 bhp (240 kW; 177 PS) 2-litre turbocharged petrol engine. [14] the engine’s turbo 2.0-litre Ford Ecoboost, which is also being used at the edge of the Ford Explorer, Ford and Volvo S60. Small-displacement engine option was to provide adequate force aroused at the same time meet the requirements of high-performance fuel.

Land Rover Evoque revealed with automatic nine-speed transmission for the Geneva automobile salon. This new automatic transmission developed by ZF Friedrichshafen offers better acceleration, better efficiency and comfort. In addition, nine automatic speed transmission specially designed to disable the status of the road, towing and breakdowns on the road conditions. And teeth of nine automatic transmission speed is also much lower than the six-speed automatic change. However, Land Rover does not disclose technical details more information about the new automatic transmission.

2018 Range Rover Evoque

2018 Range Rover Evoque Price in India

2018 Range Rover Evoque in India will be released in an event of international motor show. 2018 Range Rover Evoque is the most wanted model car in India, so people of India know this will be a spectacular event of launching 2018 Range Rover Evoque. Based on rumors that we find out the 2018 Range Rover Evoque will be released in the beginning of year 2018 for India. On the other hand, price of the car still unspecific, thus we just can not publish the amount event we got some source told that the price is about something.

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