2018 Ford Police Interceptor

2020 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor

2018 Ford Police Interceptor

2018 Ford Police Interceptor – Rear-crash test of a past of 75 miles per hour is between the many forces that has defined public services and sedan Ford Police Interceptor. The Police Interceptor will continue this tradition of extreme protection. The architecture of the Ford building (side protection and improved cabin) and the reinforcement of structures work together to help protect you on the job.
2018 Ford Police Interceptor
2018 Ford Police Interceptor


Ballistic level III door panel protection officer. Tested and complies with the requirements of the standard NIJ 0108.01 level III: 7, 62 x 51 mm 9.6 g M80 (. 308 Winchester 150gr). Los Angeles police requirements, are also designed to resist the threat of special rounds: 7.62 x 39 mm MSC 7.9 g (type 56), 5.56 x 45 mm M855 and M193 3.36 g. 5.56 x 45 mm 4 g.
Ballistic level IV panel + door, is tested and meets the requirements of the standard NIJ 0108.01 level IV: 166 gr 30-06 AP M2 (7.62 x 63 g APM2 10.8). Designed to withstand the threat of special rounds: 7.62 x 54R LPS 9.65 g, 7.62 x 51 mm M61 9.75 g (308 Winchester, 150.5 gr). In addition, level IV includes all NIJ level III rounds and LAPD listed in level III.
Structural integrity, in the event of accident, sophisticated security technologies helps to absorb the energy of the collision and the direct impact of the troops of the occupants. In addition, crumple zones are placed strategically in the frame or body of a vehicle, more absorption and elimination of accidents to reduce the absorption of energy in the occupant compartment.
Personal Safety System™, a standard personal safety system uses a network of sophisticated sensors that control the operation of the vehicle airbags and front seat belts. Processing of millions of measurements per second, the system determines the size of the occupant sat in the passenger seat, if you have a collision event, and what are the air bags to deploy. The Police Interceptor, this sensor scheduled is specifically to distinguish the difference between a bullet fired from the gun and the impact of the collision, so the airbag is inadvertently placed during the shooting.


Safety Canopy® system, the famous – and safety canopy standard Ford system deploys curtain side air bags for passengers outside the head protection in the event of a roll-over accident. They are designed to inflate between the head of the occupant and the side window, even when the occupants head leans toward the window.


Reverse sensing system, reverse gear available to helping to reduce detection systems scuffs and bumps behind the vehicle. It is a unique problem of sound notification every time the object is recognized in six feet as a superior slow-speed Police Interceptor.


2018 Ford Police Interceptor Performance

A number of variations on the model of the Interceptor engine all provide more resources and greater efficiency than the previous 2.9 L NOVIAS 250 hp V8. More than 115 hp EcoBoost® engine, actually. This dramatic improvement in the performance of outstanding benefit.
2018 Ford Police Interceptor Exterior
2018 Ford Police Interceptor Exterior
Exclusive Ford EcoBoost technology is now available in sedan and utilities, providing acceleration and narrow search for speed driving demands and still not give impressive efficiency. Available 3.5 L EcoBoost begins to 365 HP which is encouraging. Two turbochargers turbo lag or effectively removes doubts. Fuel system direct injection that delivers a mist of high-pressure fuel vaporized directly into the cylinder during the admission, allowing the engine to breathe more freely and contributes to efficiency. EcoBoost is also have a torque curve flat, with maximum energy available in the range of Rev. the standard All-wheel drive helps the officer who manages all this power.


3.7 l V6 was standard on sedans (305hp) and utility (304hp) models. The second engine is normally aspirated engine 279 lb – ft of torque and features of the Ti-VCT (twin independent cam shaft variable timing). They also offer the flexibility of E85 fuel performance. And they provide good fuel economy, which can help municipalities meet their financial goals. The standard systems of propulsion and sedan utility equation offers great advantages for the management of the fleet. A system of maintenance spare parts interchangeable components and minimize the complexity of the care of your fleet.


At the request of local and small institutions, Ford launched the special police service of “don’t search” rated sedans that use I-4 EcoBoost 2.0 liter engine is rated at 240 horsepower® HP and 270 lb – ft of torque. While concentrating on delivering greater efficiency in the V6 3.5 liter engine with FWD, 3.7 V6 engine liter with AWD and V6 3.5 engine liter EcoBoost with an AWD sedan police special services new retains all the important DNA to police in versions rated in search of safety, durability, and equipment. Accessory hospitable, 200 amp alternator power can help almost all officers need. To help maximize the efficiency, the sedan equipped with window active standard Grill which manage air flow to optimize the balance between aerodynamics and engine cooling.

The standard V6 engine is projected to obtain at least 20 percent better fuel efficiency than the 2011 Crown Victoria Police UR-Interceptor.* by excessive idling and hot engine is part of the normal working day, more efficient operations is a valuable asset. Handle customer requests the number one of the institutions of local and small, Ford EcoBoost 2.0 liter® (no-busqueda – rating) added to the police sedan line to maximize efficiency. The designation of special police car is presented to meet the needs of police as detective personnel, administrators, school police and police agencies who want to maximize their efficiency.

2018 Ford Police Interceptor Feature

Front suspension of Police Interceptor developed and tested for structural performance standards and at the same level as the NOVIAS Police Interceptor. Structural reinforcements from the front subframe, Heavy-Duty powertrain mounts, deviations from the bottom, axle and bearing and reinforced frame auxiliary mounts have been presented to help the next generation Police Interceptor to handle the intense demands of police every day at work.

220-AMP ALTERNATOR is the next generation of Police Interceptor has an electrical system of the art for all electronics are standard and optional. In addition, it comes with a 220 amp alternator to support massive police radio, computers, lights, camera video, radar, printers and more.

Heavy duty brake system has a rotor of large diameter with large thermal mass and tweezers with wide – or coverage. Hat rotor vented direct the flow of air to the brake pads to help keep components cool. The unique caliber and pull back further from the rotor to increase cooling.