2018 Ford Interceptor

2018 Ford Interceptor

2018 Ford Interceptor – Ford interceptor is a concept car that debuted at the 2007 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Michigan. Interceptor is a sedan retro style that reflects a modern interpretation of the classic sporty American muscle cars of the 1960’s, as the Ford Galaxie. Ford officially introduced the concept of Interceptor in a press release of the company’s date of December 31, 2006. Ford Interceptor design style describes the influence of “… like a Marine uniform. “Seems intelligent and elegant but you can see the power that lies underneath of”. Ford currently has no production of full-size, rear-wheel drive sedan (except the Falcon, that manufactured and sold only in Australia), although some cue Interceptor design has appeared in the sixth generation Ford Taurus.

2018 Ford Interceptor Exterior and Interior

2018 Ford Interceptor
2018 Ford Interceptor

Including cover powered car campaign “shaker”, which covers the engine. Full-sized sedan based on a version of the Ford D2C Mustang platform extension had rear-wheel drive, showing the solid rear axle. The body is proportioned showing short and long front rear emperan and has a low roof and high waist, compared to other sedans from Ford as the Ford Taurus, with a wedge profile. The Interceptor design concept continues with three horizontal bars grille Ford currently introduced in the Ford Fusion and the Ford Edge. The campaign is high and flat with a raised rear end. Square round taillights in the interceptor also affect to the in the current Ford Taurus.

Agreement with the other social trends, Interceptor offers a series of innovative safety features, including an easy four points in safety belt system to use, something the Engineer Ford has been working for several years. Rear belt, while both, blow – in other words, serve as air bags.

The interceptor incorporates a point of four “belt and Suspenders” design of the belt in the front and rear, seats with inflatable seat belts for passengers in the back seat of the harness. The four-point belt represents the latest generation safety belt systems may be designed to be more convenient and easier to use than traditional three-point seat belt. The Board, upholstery, steering wheel and four rear bucket seats low are wrapped in leather. There are headers that deploy pulled from the roof, adjust the fore and aft, as well as above and below for each occupant. Panel and climate controls are stowable, audio and there are six closed shifter on the Center Dashboard.

2018 Ford Interceptor Engine

The Ford Interceptor concept uses the motor racing 5.0 l Cammer that produces 600 HP (450 kW), with the ability to operate on E-85 ethanol. It is a six-speed manual transmission. motor 5.0 liter Cammer is an improved variant of the modular 4.6-liter engine is the Mustang GT until 2011.
And the power of something has a lot of muscle sedan. Auto Show comes with a version of 400 HP from the Ford Racing 5.0 l Cammer V-8 with six speed manual gearbox. Yielding to other social trends, Ford tried to paint green Interceptor with fuel injection with a mixture of gasoline, alcohol, E-85. (In fact, we ask about what car Show blue, not green).

2018 Ford Interceptor

This metaphor fits perfectly with the Ford Interceptor, a striking concept, four-door vehicle that has been called as the four-door of Ford Mustang. First unveiled at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit last January, the Interceptor has been working the street across the country, but now, with the shrinking auto Show season, Ford put to pasture, so to speak, making it disponible-junto with the other two, the concept of vehicle – for TheCarConnection.com to the unit.

Not uncommon that some manufacturers do this Show car is available, although a little more unusual for Ford, so we jumped at the chance to take a turn the car Dearborn (Mich.) proving grounds not only Interceptor, but also elegant and appealing Lincoln MKR Ford Airstream show car.

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