2018 Ford Galaxy Review

2018 Ford Galaxy Review

2018 Ford Galaxy Review – New Ford Galaxy is a car that redefines the experience of travel, providing a very flexible seat for up to seven. Features increase strength with EasyFold allows to fold the seat up and down at the touch of a button. And with plenty of space to stretch out and relax in well appointed, very comfortable cabins, you can enjoy every mile every trip you make. If appreciate the combination of quality, elegant contemporary design and cutting edge technology, and then upgrade to the new Galaxy of Ford and be willing to travel… in first class.


Business, press the folding chair. New innovative system EasyFold allows to fold the second row seats each plane at the touch of a button. For the ultimate in comfort of the car, and then the Easy-Fold button and increase the characteristic resistance helps faster loading of large objects by lowering and raising the third-row seat.


Large panorama roofs to feel lighter, spongy. The Galaxy came with a choice of luxurious panoramic glass roof two parts, which tilted open or slide under the rear part of the roof to create a bright and spacious interior. While the roof allowing natural light to flood in, solar reflective glass keeps you cool and protected from UV rays. Blind electronically operated roof also allows you to cover or reveal the ceiling with the push of a button.

2018 Ford Galaxy

2018 Ford Galaxy Review Performance

Difficult road conditions, help you to enhance your pleasure at the wheel, all-new Galaxy designed to make driving experience… effort. Confidence in the condition to change. Available All-Wheel Drive intelligent system can determine how much grip, curves and sensitive balance in conditions of wet, dry or cold and in various areas. The technology is smart, so it could send the unit in the front or rear axle according to needs. And providing a torque on demand, the system offers exceptional handling and increasing efficiency.

See what will happen, on both sides. Small and discreet, the camera on the front of the vehicle a picture of split-screen of a relay on your car to 8 “touch screen, so you can see the vehicle, pedestrian or cyclist coming from both sides. This new optional technology is very valuable if you are creeping narrow parking spaces, or to the busy streets where see you the side are blocked.

Stress-free parking lot and pulled out. Not using a combination of different technologies, active Park assist more than direct to you where parallel parking. With the departure of the Park help, help to take advantage of them, also. Perpendicular parking system can sense if there is a space for your vehicle, to then invest yourself. Side, parking aid warns you if there are any side barrier.

Steering responds to every situation. Electric assisted steering (EPAS) to automatically adjust the speed and conditions. At low speeds, making the wheel set back feeling lighter and easier, improving maneuverability. At high speeds, when you need great control, address of the company responsible for it. Now with drift control, EPA also takes in crosswinds account and other driving conditions, active nibble control reduces unwanted steering wheel vibrations.

2018 Ford Galaxy Review Efficiency

EcoBoost: no power of commitment and efficiency. Two gasoline EcoBoost engine option uses a combination of direct fuel injection and turbo charging, to deliver a level of performance and outstanding economy: new 1.5 liter EcoBoost gasoline engine joins the range EcoBoost provides revolutionary, reducing emissions and fuel economy of 6.5 litres / 100 km along with power 160PS. The EcoBoost 2.0 liter delivers impressive 240PS. A Symposer special tuned sound also gives you the option of enjoying a typical entry in the cabin when you are accelerating much.

2018 Ford Galaxy Review EcoBoost

A selection of diesel. Do you prefer the diesel? TDCi 2.0 Advanced gives you the power of four options: 120PS, 150PS, 210PS 180PS and bi-turbo. Each machine incorporates the latest technology to increase the power, torque and economy while reducing emissions.

2018 Ford Galaxy Review Comfort and Convenience

Seats which offer support… and can give you a massage. New multi seat contours are available for the front passenger and the design makes them fully adjusted. As a result, can provide extra support where you need it even offers massages and help keep fresh on a long journey. Multi contour chairs are also available with climate control, so you can arrange your perfect temperature.

Help to make your stay within the speed limit. Helps speed (ISA) intelligently designed to improve your speed control, allowing you to concentrate on the road. Firstly, sign of recognition (TSR) the camera automatically detects the current speed limit (if activated), then adjust the configuration of the system for maximum speed to its limits.

2018 Ford Galaxy Interior

Start your car with the touch of a button. It is now necessary to use the key. Simply press the Start button while pressing Power Ford clutch pedal (or automatic brake pedal) and is active in the life of the engine. The ideal temperature, ventilation, heating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems strong support you stay hot or cold. Dual (standard on Titanium series and trends) climate control area allow you to adjust the temperature for the driver and front passenger. And with a selection of auxiliary HVAC, you can even choose the ideal temperature for the passengers in the third row, while they also benefit people in both.

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