2018 Ford Fiesta RS WRC Price

2018 Ford Fiesta RS WRC Price

2018 Ford Fiesta RS WRC Price – Ford Fiesta RS WRC World Rally car is built for Ford World Rally Team by Ford Europe and m-sport to be used in the 2011 Rally world championship season. This is based on the Ford Fiesta car road and replaced the Ford Focus RS WRC, who competed in several versions since 1999. Regulations of the car is also built for the new year 2011, based on the Super 2000 rules exist, but powered by a 1.0-litre engine turbo (turbo Ford EcoBoost 1.6 L engine) on a 2 litre engine is usually sucked into Super 2000 World Rally cars. Ford and m-sport introduces super 2000 version of the Ford Fiesta in early 2010, which form the basis for WRC car.


In the Rally of Finland 2014 M-deporte launches the Fiesta RS WRC facelifted version. Despite the changes in the front of the car, it remains the same under the hood. Version M-deporte then reveals that the ‘evolution’ will come in 2015.


2018 Ford Fiesta RS WRC Price

2015 the rally Portugal, m-sport launched the Fiesta RS WRC ‘evolucion’ specification. Unlike the first version of the machine was built by Pipo motors, machine Fiesta RS WRC built by m-sport, with technical support from Ford. The car also had a complete redesign under the hood next to the package with the development, transmission, cooling, cabling and differences.

2018 Ford Fiesta RS WRC

World Rally  Car would also named shortly as WRC, that the brand which is applied to Ford Fiesta RS model car to be redesign as the car in class of racing competition. This car use for rally competition in many years after its release. All team feel satisfied of being part of this team. Behind its brand model of car, Ford Motor Company also redesign Ford Subaru and Ford Focus for Rally competition year before Ford Fiesta RS WRC released.

2018 Ford Fiesta RS will stretch 160,1 inches long with 71.6 inches wide and 35.5 inches high. The front panel will have a large chrome grille trapezoid. Ford Fiesta RS expand 2017 bumpers front and rear. 2017 Ford Fiesta RS also include enhanced side air dams and a new front splitter that we believe will be placed on carbon fiber.

2018 Ford Fiesta RS will also include a redesigned LED headlights and taillights. Ford Fiesta RS 2018 back will also feature large large ailerons. The rear bumper also receives some new touches and has a diffuser with integrated exhaust.

2018 Ford Fiesta RS WRC Interior and Exterior

2018 Ford Fiesta RS will have an interior as a race that have really provided much of the Ford Focus RS. Ford Fiesta RS 2018 cabin will be somewhat larger than its predecessor and model will be made of superior materials and finished in chrome details.

2018 Ford Fiesta RS WRC Cabin

2018 inside Ford Fiesta RS will take into account the travellers 5. The function of the Ford Fiesta RS 2018 include new steering wheel flat bottom, redesigned gear lever and alloy sports pedals. The rear seat will be covered under the premium seats leather Recaro sports and in the front. We believe that the Ford Fiesta RS 2018 also show connection synchronization consist of an 8-inch touch screen is provided as a condition. The screen will be more information and entertainment MyFord Touch. 2018 Ford Fiesta RS will also have a guide leather sport automatic climate control telescopic wheel and integrated.

2018 Ford Fiesta RS WRC Engine

Ford motor company is to unveiled details about the machine that Ford Fiesta RS is set in 2017. All the guidelines resulted in the possibility of a Turbo engine 4-cylinder 1.6 l EcoBoost is comparable with that in the Fiesta ST engine Ford Fiesta RS 2017 will be encouraged to give output in a wide range of 240 horsepower and 250 lb-ft of torque.

Ford Fiesta RS 2018 will have direct fuel injection with automatic start/stop system. 2018 Ford Fiesta RS will be an estimated 35 mpg, 26 and 28 mpg fuel mpg for city, highway and integrated. You will need an acceleration of 0-60 mph in 5.9 seconds in about a top speed of 155 mph (250 km / h). It will be paired with a six-speed automatic transmission system or a manual.

2018 Ford Fiesta RS WRC Engine

As your information, this kind of car would not sell for public market. You have make an special order to the company for requesting this special car. But to feel its sensation, its would be close to drive Ford Fiesta RS car model, even in Ford Fiesta RS WRC would be added some material of its car, and then the accessories also would be found in some parts of car so this car really being a world rally car.

About the price, all people beg to know the price. We think this is a simple thing to do if you want to know the exact price of 2018 Ford Fiesta RS WRC, just take a great brave of yours then come to the Ford Motor Company and tell them that you want request the 2018 Ford Fiesta RS WRC for your rally competition. Guest what happen then, you would receive the exact price based on its package of modification. Easy huh? just give it a try to know buddy.

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