2018 Ford Edge Refresh

2018 Ford Edge Refresh

2018 Ford Edge Refresh – Sitting at the top of the range of the SUV, the new Ford Edge is the epitome of modern improvements. The strong performance, sophisticated and cutting edge technologies to put ahead of the crowd. With the presence of a bold and impressive way, this vehicle is more than an SUV, sure that was a declaration of intent.


Adaptation to address, optional this new technology makes driving, even in tight spaces. Constantly monitors the condition and the road which leads to optimize the steering ratio – i.e., turns the steering wheel which needs to be done. At low speeds like parking, adaptive management makes the vehicle more agile and easy to change, requires little effort. Faster speeds increase the adaptive response of the rudder that makes change easier with reduced address entry. With little effort the more enjoyable driving.


Control of active noise, measurement of Active Control of noise from sound waves interfere (as the sound of the engine) and undo them. It separates the sounds that you want to hear, such as music and conversation, make them clear. Or, you can sit and enjoy a feeling of tranquility while concentrating on the road to follow.

2018 Ford Edge Red

Presence that it is difficult to ignore, the Ford Edge, a project of style and substance. It is a vehicle that is visionary, in more than one. Every aspect of a real sense of the delivery of the edge of modernity and quality without compromise. Design stylish, contemporary, bold and impressive road presence, extra glass long pending improved aerodynamics, queue, a single LED light, dual exhaust improves the sportiness of the car, the sufficiently large for a holiday or a weekend, the sufficiently agile to make light work of streets in the city, distinctive and bold, sculpted front grille and solid from all angles.

2018 Ford Edge Refresh Interior and Exterior

There is space to accommodate up to five adults comfortably. High quality details such as ebony and black Satin Silver sprinkled throughout the cabin. The inside edge of boutique-style of intelligent design that fuses with a meticulous attention to detail. Inspire to lead quiet and safe. Active Noise Control increases the serenity and ambience of the cabin, Ford Edge will reward you at all levels. Edge has a roomy interior and a smooth, SYNC 2 offers a voice-activated control, many functions of banks, seat five in comfort, with plenty of room for luggage, the rear passengers can also enjoy the luxury of heated seats, improve your mood with selected Dim, there is plenty of space for the tallest of passengers.

Choose from a wide selection of muscles the wheel, including 20-inch alloys finished staining dark, unique feature in the Ford Edge Sport. Tire in size of 19 “wheels 5-spoke made from alloy wheels in color of Silver (standard on this model), and then the wheel in size of 19 inches x 2-5 alloy wheels spokes with a painted silver front and dark Silver (from series in Titanium) features, (optional in Titanium) silver account with 20 ‘ 5 x 2 radios alloy wheels in dark stain (from series in sport), and also wheel with size 20 “5 x 2 rays alloy wheels with polished, dark face.

2018 Ford Edge Front Seat

The Interior is beautifully handmade ornaments available in a suitable color palette. So you and your passengers may travel in the cabin, it is designed to be comfortable. Zetec: Fabric ebony, sports: dynamic/ebony, titanium leather: leather leather micro ebony Perf, Salerno, Salerno leather ebony with Perf suede Miko in the soft ceramic medium, skin of Salerno in tobacco.

2018 Ford Edge Refresh Feature

The Ford Edge is loaded with many innovative technologies. You will wonder how you managed always without some of them. All ensure that you can concentrate on driving and broad view of the road ahead.

More fun. Less wheel. Adaptive management is a new technology that enables businesses to conduct at all times, in all situations – and even during parking. At low speeds, such as maneuvers of stubborn speed in a car park, it is necessary to reduce the rotation of the wheel. At higher speeds, it automatically moves to a more conventional steering ratio to provide feedback that cosy, reassuring. There is also a sport mode. When activated, it makes driving on roads for curves and sweeping more valuable by requiring a reduction in the direction of entrance to negotiate curves.

Technology can be controlled with your voice. Ford SYNC 2 allows you to stay connected and check the phone, music, navigation system and climate controls with commands of intuitive voice or trough colored touch screen 8 inches. You can even call to a list of local restaurants just by saying that I was hungry, or access to the Michelin Guide to help you choose and book a place to eat, along with the hotel. Wi-Fi connectivity is available via hotspot with the USB modem. Emergency aid and Ford can automatically help service emergency call in case of accident.

2018 Ford Edge Interior

Confidence in the condition to change. Drive system intelligent all-Wheel Drive (AWD) can determine how much grip, curves and sensitive balance in conditions of wet, dry or cold and in various areas. The technology is smart, so it could send the unit in the front or rear axle according to needs. And providing a torque on demand, the exceptional handling and efficiency for safe driving system and without effort.

Headlamps that help you to come around the bend. Adaptive lighting with LED headlamps that dynamic Ford not only hits; they have been smart. A series of LEDS, precise patterns of light and his light very provide natural light providing exceptional illumination. Time day lights also are included. And the Strip tracer replace traditional ‘intermittent’ indicator lights, illuminating in order for high visibility to other drivers. In addition, free road reflections adjust automatically, maximizing the visibility without dazzling other drivers. Surprisingly, the new lights/headlights also follow the road, which helps you to see more clearly when driving in curves.

See what will happen, on both sides. A small relay of cameras on the scene, in front of the new edge of Ford, photos of the screen apart to show your car’s multiple functions so you can see the vehicle, pedestrian or cyclist coming from both sides. This new optional technology is very valuable if they are trailing the narrow parking lot or on a busy road where the view is obstructed.

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