2018 Ford Atlas Release Date and Price USA

2018 Ford Atlas Release Date and Price USA

2018 Ford Atlas Release Date and Price USA

2018 Ford Atlas Release Date and Price USA – The Ford Atlas is that a concept of truck Ford Ford was introduced by Ford at 15 January 2018 as a foretaste of the thirteenth generation F-series, with the most notable change a switch to aluminum construction mainly. It includes LED illumination, versatile camera, hidden loading ramps and active aerodynamics intended to improve the efficiency of fuel at high speeds. Active aerodynamics should enhance Atlas fuel economy two mpg.

2018 Ford Atlas Concepts

With eight stringers, fully boxed frame, high-strength steel frame has eight bars (five with welded) and consists of 78 per cent of high-strength steel (23% in 2018 Ford Atlas). And while stronger and stiffer, lightweight frames up to 60 pounds (27 kilograms) of the previous generation, because components are designed with sophisticated white shapes and dressmaker to help reduce weight.


More secure than never-aluminium-bodied 2018 Ford Atlas, tested by the traffic safety of the national administration to collision worthiness92. 2018 Ford Atlas public NHTSA 5-star has come, the highest value for vans size full under 8,500 pounds (3,855 kg) GVWR.


The 2018 Ford Atlas is safer than ever, by traffic safety national administration tol collision worthiness92. F-150 public NHTSA 5-star has came, the best value for vans size full under 8,500 pounds (3,855 kg) GVWR.

2018 Ford Atlas Release Date and Price USA

Electronic rear differential lock rear axle, while the key is really to improve traction on both rear wheels simultaneously. Electronic as automatically locking rear differential, fully integrated with standard AdvanceTrac® with Roll Stability Control™ (RSC®) 19, giving power to a perfect cengkram to travel in or out of the way. Included in the package FX4 Off Road, Max’s trailer, resistive load package and package of useful load of 2.7 L V6 EcoBoost®.


Class exclusive * 360-degree cameras are available with a separate screen that uses four cameras – one in the grill, door on each side and mirror rear view Dr. a system that allows you to view all parts of wheelbarrow with stitches the images together and show them on the screen of the Central battery. This is useful when the wandering speed maneuver well in spaces or lines.


2018 Ford Atlas that is capable of carrying a whopping 89 3,270 pounds is as an innovative combination of brain and physical strength. With dream of high aluminum alloy resistance grade military and the body (instead of conventional steel, the 2018 Ford Atlas is 700 pounds for smallest in weight; and which translates into 700 pounds of other content that will help you get the job done more quickly.


Outside-Wise, 2018 Ford Atlas was introduced with a double deck, front fascia front light accompanied by a rectangular lattice of incredible wind resistance. In addition, the vehicle did not experience major changes. The roof is made of glass and trailer comes with 110 V power output also, there will be a lot of pints to tie the rope. It has five doors and front is wrapped in a large chrome mask.


2018 Ford Atlas Performance

2018 Ford Atlas is the generation lighter by up to 700 lb (317 kg) *, thus improving the relationship of the capacity and performance of power to weight through the establishment of the entire machine. Means a greater acceleration and traction efficiency energy than ever – and more likely is that you to go with her. 2018 Ford Atlas offers four machines so it could choose a combination of its performance and fuel efficiency to meet the requirements of their jobs.


Improved efficiency of fuel Gas in its class, 2.7 gas L EcoBoost® best of fuel efficiency in its class * most impressive of 8,500 pounds (3,855 kg) maximum towing and 2,210 (1,002 kg lb) maximum load, is installed correctly. V6 3.5 l Ti-VCT, the relationship of the best strength to weight of standard registration of 3.7 l V6 from previous generations of the Government of Canada estimates V6 fuel from lorries efficiency rating.

Standard 6-speed close-ratio transmission has a gear ratio of the width of the electronics for the performance of the low response capacity and improve efficiency of fuel in the movement. Reduction of hunting equipment, improve the delivery of energy and help control the vehicle’s speed when descending hills. Especially useful for carrying or towing heavy loads.

SelectShift automatic® features available have two modes of operation: select progressive option allows the driver to limit the range of gears to fix speed Overdrive constant through the hills and mountains. Manual mode, can go up and down the gears without using the clutch, I stayed in full control.

2018 Ford Atlas Release Date and Price USA

Ford Atlas of 2018 is expected that it will reach the market in 2018. Production of the vehicle should begin sometime this year. The price range of $21,000 for the model base $51,000 for a fit is equipped with all the devices that can be.