2018 Ford All New Figo Review South Africa

2018 Ford All New Figo Review South Africa

2018 Ford All New Figo Review South Africa – It presents Figo Next-Gen with a sporty and aerodynamic exterior design, technology and powerful yet efficient engine. Because life is better when you have the best of everything. Feel like family, for a change. With an incredible array of smart technology – such as the Ford MyKey®, MyFord Dock and SYNC® AppLink™ – with Next – Gen Figo construction to outsmart his class. With features such as 6 air bags (including side and curtain airbags in its class), the anti-lock brake system and the structure of the body is made of high-strength steel-Next-Gen Figo was built to protect themselves from almost all directions.

2018 Ford All New Figo Review South Africa

Driving by feel more secure that you ever felt before. With a sporty, dynamic and intelligent outside, cool inside, Figo Next-Gen is a powerful combination of style and substance. In any way that you look at Next-Gen Figo was impossible to ignore. FIGO driving Next-Gen is a real pleasure. Provide technology TDCi and Ti-VCT is strong, smooth, and efficient fuel engine. A smart way to enjoy the best of both worlds.


2018 Ford All New Figo Interior and Exterior

Style meets substance, sporty and aerodynamic exterior. The great and fabulous inside. The elegant exterior design, Figo next-Gen has modern design and elegant style you’ve been looking for. A bold and aerodynamic exterior conveys a sense of confidence and skills. Style Interior energy, next-Gen Figo special Interior, selected colors and materials, comfortable chair feel your vitality. Add wide rear seat with adjustable headrests and the inner space and you are in a moving experience.

Creative storage, an inside look and you’ll see a lot of intelligent storage of Figo Next-Gen offering space to store almost anything and everything. In addition to the holders of the currency with vessels and non-slip mats for cell phones, floor area length and door storage console provides compartments for bottles, glasses, or umbrella of different sizes. Fold flat rear seats, trying to include more than what can fit in the trunk? Change in the back seat. Bend forward to deliver the total load of the flat surface that adds the amount of space to leave something.


2018 Ford All New Figo Performance

Smart is more intelligent, next-Gen Figo is super intelligent features designed to add more joy in your life. Ford mykey®, Ford introduced the Ford MyKey® technology to promote responsible driving habits. Now you can program a button settings that enhance the use of seat belts, vehicle speed limits and set the volume of the audio. MyFord Dock Next – Gen®, Figo is all about easy access to technology while making use of insurance for drivers and pedestrians. The dash-mounted, attach the device allows you to store, mount and charge your mobile phone, player MP3 / satellite navigation systems and integrate the device in car entertainment system. Now, it’s smart.

The Sync® system of voice-activated lets you connect to your world like never before. Pair Bluetooth® phone to make a call, use text to speech technologies, and play your favorite music-using only his voice. You can even control the SYNC® with steering wheel mounted controls. And if the accident that allow air bags or close the SYNC® fuel pump emergency emergency assistance calls and automatically share your exact GPS location.

Sync® AppLink™ brings your connectivity to the next level, allowing you to access the application on a smartphone to your partner using only your voice. Another form of Figo Next-Gen keep you connected on the road.

Steering wheel mounted controls, now drive with their eyes on the road. Sync® control and voice commands, media devices, radio stations and the volume and make handsfree calls at the touch of a button. Don’t reach for that console. Do it with safety and comfort while focusing on the road. Automatic climate, the Figo’s Next-Gen control has the air conditioning more rapid cooling to keep you comfortable in the summer, the temperature at a comfortable level quickly.

That mirror mirror, even intelligent. Built for the traffic of the most populous city, Next-Gen Figo mirror that can be folded with the touch of a button to minimize the risk of damage. Whether it is during driving or parking.

2018 Ford All New Figo Engine

Rules of the road with confidence. Navigating safely through the descent, hustles and bustles of life is a true success. And for Next-Gen Figo, your success is the top priority. 6 airbags, why compromise safety? In addition to front airbags for the driver and front passenger seats, Next-Gen Figo offers best in class side and curtain airbags so the rear seat passengers enjoy extra protection too. 6 airbags. It is the Salvation everywhere.

Perimeter Alarm, perimeter alarm Next-Gen Figo noted in your car while parked. If the system detects unauthorized attempts to get into the car, triggering an alarm, flashing headlights and parking lights, and enable the theft indicator on the instrument panel. Hill Start assist, could not handle a rollback? Try Hill launch assist. It holds the brake for a few seconds after taking your foot to get off, giving the time to feel smoothly acceleration in away.

2018 Ford All New Figo Review

The electronic stability program, the electronic stability program (ESP) know when you do a sudden maneuver puts your safety at risk. Individual wheel and help brake system get that back on track. It is even to improve management on a hard surface and traction on the slippery surface. ABS with EBD, anti-lock braking system (ABS) with electronic brake force distribution (EBD) balances the brake force between the part front and rear and prevent the wheels from locking. To enjoy the control and stability of a larger if you have to stop in a hurry.

High strength steel cage, under the elegant exterior, Figo Next-Gen has your safety at heart. The body structure is solidly built of high strength steel to help protect you and your loved ones in the event of a collision.

2018 Ford All New Figo Review South Africa

2018 Ford All New Figo is the hatchback car that lovely in design and performance. Even getting hard any condition, this car could survive even more of your thinking. The car has excellent engine and features. 2018 Ford All New Figo Review South Africa would be sold in South Africa, but until now the release date for that country still being as big secret of Ford Motor Company branch in there. The price would be very variant of number, but here we try to confirm to India, as the 2018 Ford All New Figo originally comes from. The price would begin ₹ 446,600 for petrol engine model and ₹ 555,650 for diesel engine model. The price in South Africa would be increased as long as the transportation to that country.

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