2017 Ford All New Figo Review South Africa

2017 Ford All New Figo Review South Africa

2017 Ford All New Figo Review South Africa – 2017 Ford All New Figo with the Aspire, large grille Ford Figo dominates the face of the revision of 2017. The elegant four bars chrome add a streak of small forward aggressively. Then there are thinner dikes which extend a little more, and the aspect is underlined by the opening where the fog lights are on. In profile, 2017 Ford Figo report seems more balanced brother sedan and the characters walk on the side of giving a good attitude. In the rear, Ford has a simple and orderly. But the perfect around rear lights and boot lid double through aid that seems interesting.
2017 Ford All New Figo Review South Africa

Elegant new Ford Figo as the new design language of the company. It seems intelligent, equipped with plenty of space and features and good units. Choice of 3 engines offered are: 1.2-liters of gasoline with an automatic MT of 5-speed, with 6-speed 1.5 litre petrol and 1.5 litre diesel with a 5 speed all thrusters mountain is exactly like the Aspire.

2017 Ford All New Figo Review

2017 Ford All New Figo first best selling Ford in a point of time, selling more than 6000-7000 units per month on a regular basis. Over time though, with rival edges past and more recently, during more than one year, sales figures have fallen to below 1,500 per month. However, during this Ford is smart enough to do their homework along with this, to develop the new Figo. With the new model, they intend to recapture passenger hatchbacks of middle-size market and we drove for a good 400 km to reach the verdict. Keep reading to see if the new Figo can rewrite history and be printer money for the company again.

2017 Ford All New Figo recently is 91 mm in length, 15 mm wider and higher than the version of 98 mm out stand. Done, the height and width, it is similar to the Aspire and only 9 mm short length. The presence of the road is something that Ford recently with ease. It also has a wheelbase of best in its class of 2491 mm which translates into a very good room for the passengers, but more on that later.

What is striking is the final front, a massive truss swept headlamps rear looks big and can make people who change their heads in admiration. As well as the sporty design carries against the side too, but will be happy to see the 15 inch wheels, at least in the extreme upper adjustment. 2017 Ford All New Figo much Grand seems i10 from behind and implementing general it is neat and clean. It is a hatchback looks intelligent, if not a sports.

Step and affinity with Aspire to continue storing the color scheme. It has the same design but Ford has followed black theme with silver ring of console central and steering wheel insert monotone here break it sufficiently well.
2017 Ford All New Figo Review South Africa

The front seats are comfortable but not comfortable at the EcoSport. However, there is enough space in the front and feel comfortable during the day trip is where a simple speedometer console. 2017 Ford All New Figo and well furnished and appreciate the information screen of the integral controller showing the outside temperature, average speed, fuel economy average and instantaneous, distance to empty and regular trip meters.

The dashboard is dominated by information for the small screen and buttons to the control system. While satisfactory global quality, fit and finish of the air conditioning impressed us much. Great attention to detail! Another clever touch of a thumb is a small mobile platform right next to the load that you can easily put your phone while it is filling. 2017 Ford All New Figo, There are many places to store the knick knacks and door are very generous with different compartments for bottles, mugs and umbrellas!

The top Titanium + version gets SYNC AppLink voice control. You can play music or make calls with voice commands, and also get help from hotlines (108) in case of accident. Other versions get a pier that can accommodate several mobile size while filling them, and use them for navigation.

The space in the back of the impressive. While it does not break you arm Center or rear vents are dedicated, large room and knee felt best in the segment. Large windows make sure not you claustrophic and bearing seats are used for long drives. But 2017 Ford All New Figo recently lost out on trunk space and offers an 8% less volume compared with version came out.

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