2018 Ford Ranger Price Malaysia

2018 Ford Ranger Price Malaysia

2018 Ford Ranger Price Malaysia – Ford Ranger is a plate which had been used in three different lines of vehicles sold by Ford models. Originally, the name was used by the car Edsel Ranger short, then later he was called to a pickup truck version of the Ford f-series sold in between 1965 and 1981 North America represented a package of style. Ford reuse the name of “Ranger” in 1982 year model 1983 compact pickup truck sold in North America and, later, of South America. Since 1998, Ford had offered a separate Ranger models sold internationally.

2018 Ford Ranger Price Malaysia

Ford Ranger has earned a reputation as a go anywhere, do anything collected. The new Ranger is to strengthen this reputation with a series of designs, capabilities, and updating technology. Proven functionality paired with exceptional performance and fuel efficiency, a range of exceptional technology and enjoy.

Rugged construction, with the capacity to transport up to 1,269 Kg *, up to 3500 kg trailer * and Wade through water up to 800 mm of depth, the new Ranger is more capable. This is the vehicle that you can trust in the toughest of environments, hoping for more difficult jobs and confidence to provide exceptional driving experience, every day.

Make smart, sound and touch control technology with SYNC2 Ford display 8 “new screen colours. With alert front adaptive cruise control, Lane, recognition of traffic signs and driver maintenance system alert: all important developments that are already available in the vehicle is good. Repairs of engine and transmission, including extras such as Auto start stop and a new final drive ratio, as well as electric power assisted steering system, contribute to fuel economy and emissions of CO2 from 43.5 mpg (6.5 L / 100 km) and 171 g/km, which the new Ranger the ideal choice for business and leisure work and play.

2018 Ford Ranger Feature

Technology can be controlled with your voice. Ford SYNC 2 lets you control your music voice commands are intuitive, mobile phones, navigation systems and temperature controls are easy to use, or through 8 touch screen color. You can even call to alist of local restaurants just by saying “I am hungry”, or access the Michelin Guide tohelp you choose and book. Wi-Fi connectivity is available via hotspot with the USBmodem. Emergency aid and Ford can automatically help service emergency call in case of accident.

2018 Ford Ranger

Cruise control that automatically adjusts. With the technology of Adaptive Cruise Control, you choose the speed you want to drive in and sustain the system. If the built-in radar sensor detects a vehicle ahead, it will slow down the car to keep the previous set. Once the way is clear, the system will accelerate the return to the speed of your choice.

4 x 4 was chosen for each zone. Select the 4 x 2 and 4 x 4 driving high range for the poor road surface and the dirt tracks and the very difficult terrain 4 x 4 low range. Using electronic shift-On-The-Fly also can switch between 4 x 2 and 4 x 4 high range, while on the move. A sophisticated system that will help you to stay in your way. Maintenance system rail A forward-looking camera to detect if it is accidentally derived from the rail. Lane keep alert and warn that vibrates the steering wheel and display visual warnings. If you’re slow to respond or not respond, Lane keeping assistance can provide torque direction of assistance to help guide safely copy right. Technology is designed for the roads of various roads (roads), so it will automatically be at speeds below 43 miles per hour (65 mph), or can be turned off manually.

2018 Ford Ranger Performance

Manual transmission or automatic, there are two different transmissions. 6-speed manual gearbox that provides precise change and 6-speed automatic gear is smooth and carefully tuned points change. Use less fuel with Auto Start-Stop, when you stop at a traffic light or in your vehicle parked in the tail, this technology can automatically turn off the engine while still supplying power to the system is important. When you are ready to move, pressing the clutch and select computer, and restart the system. In towns and cities, Auto Start-Stop, can reduce fuel consumption. Even more options, the individual needs vary. Thus for the first time in the Ranger you now have the option of axle ratio for 4 x 4 manual 160PS Duratorq TDCi 1.4 l engine. This allows you to prioritize between the fuel economy (standard ratio) and (optional ratio) towing capacity.

Diesel engines are more powerful, more economical. TDCi Duratorq 2.2 L diesel engine tested performance, power and reliability in the field and now has been updated, offers additional power and economy. L Duratorq TDCi 1.4 produces an impressive 160 PS and 385 Nm of torque. Available in manual transmission 6-speed and automatic (only available on selected models). Do you need more power? Then take the option of diesel Duratorq TDCi 3.2 L, 470 Nm of torque with a 200PS at your command. The impressive fuel economy and low emissions are sent from 43.5 mpg (6.5 l / 100 km) and emissions of 171 g/km of CO2 (160PS 4 x 4 manual 6 acceleration with the FDR 3.15).

2018 Ford Ranger Price Malaysia

2018 Ford Ranger Price Malaysia is the most searching item of news that people in Malaysia are worry about. To find more about this detail information could be very difficult because its mother company, Ford Motor Company is still not going to publish the estimate price. But, for Ford Ranger owner, we have something you could hang on that. It is about the release date of 2018 Ford Ranger in Malaysia, the time would be approximately between in April 2018 and May 2018. So, here you would be got the trusted announcement about 2018 Ford Ranger Price in Malaysia.