2018 Ford Focus ST Diesel Reviews

2018 Ford Focus ST Diesel Reviews

2018 Ford Focus ST Diesel Reviews – Ford Focus is a compact car (segment C in Europe) was produced by the Ford Motor Company since 1998. Ford began selling the focus to Europe in July 1998 and during 1999 North American model 2000. In Europe, North and South America and South Africa, the ford focus exchange with the various versions of the Ford Escort and Ford Laser for sale in markets. In Asia and Australasia, replaced the Ford Laser. In the first half of 2012, the focus goes beyond the Toyota Corolla became the best selling car of the world plate.

2018 Ford Focus ST Diesel Reviews

Track proven performance and excellent efficiency, advanced technology and cutting-edge design: focus ST delivers it all in a package that is exciting. With its eye-catching exterior renovated and statues and a cabin is more efficient and sophisticated, this is a more subtle approach ever made ST. The next generation model combines a variety of technologies. For example, Ford SYNC 2 (where fitted) with touch screen and voice control lets you operate the car navigation (optional additional costs in ST-2 ST-3). Entertainment and climate control system, sound contact. A variety of cutting-edge engine provides smooth balanced combination of power and fuel economy, including the 250PS 2.0 L petrol and for the first time at focus ST, engines diesel 185PS are powerful.

Smart design, technology, precision engineering: behind the wheel of the focus ST, which is connected to the road with music, messaging and phone in motion calls. The sport suspension from racing style, improved suspension includes stiffer bushes opposite arm lower control and rear mesh of new spring design with stabilizer bar. This configuration reduces the chassis, has been the center of gravity closer to the more accurate curves road. Business and maneuver of sail, Electric Power-Assisted Steering (EPAs) automatically adjusts to provide smooth handling, which is to park in tight spaces and tight steering wheel for greater control on the road.

2018 Ford Focus ST Diesel Driving Experiences

Changing direction: maintain control, the focus ST incorporates new technology called transitions electronic stability (part of the electronic stability program advanced three stages). With the detection of input stability and driver of the vehicle, the system can react and respond to help maintain precision and control when you change your lane, or overtaking.

More control and more fun, in the corner. By balance of engine torque between the front wheels, depending on road surface and driving conditions, torque vector control gives you grip, handling precision and confidence when you are accelerating in curves. Built for the delivery of power, the focus ST has a Diesel engine capable of delivering up to 185 PS with a torque of 400Nm and petrol engines 250PS and 345Nm pair. For the new engine mount was designed specifically to provide this seamless power, providing the front wheel traction is amazing, even under hard acceleration.

2018 Ford Focus ST Diesel Reviews Performance and Efficiency

Designed and built to be a performance you can enjoy every day, the focus ST is powered by a 2.0 petrol engine liter EcoBoost 250PS, or the new 2.0 litre, 185PS TDCi. Both provide an absolute blend of performance and efficiency. So you can enjoy affordable cost while you are busy enjoying the ST level of power and performance.

2018 Ford Focus ST Diesel Reviews Performance and Efficienc

The experience of the EcoBoost, Turbocharging, independent twin high pressure direct injection, variable cam timing technology: 2.0 litres, petrol engines all used to provide (in the 5-door model) 0-62 mph, only 6.5 seconds and a top speed of 154 km/h (limited) EcoBoost 250PS. ultra lightweight aluminum sensitive and highly effective: provides rapid acceleration through the gears and maximum torque is only 2000 RPM.

2018 Ford Focus ST Diesel Reviews Diesel Power

2.0 TDCi engine 185PS litres, available in manual transmission and PowerShift. A powerful engine can push the focus ST 5 doors from 0-62 mph in 6.9 seconds (PowerShift) and beyond the speed of 135 km/h (limited). Peak power is developed at 3500 rpm and 400 Nm of torque available from 2,000-2,750 rpm. Output torque allows impressive mechanism of acceleration and high performance at low rpm.

To help you drive more efficient, innovative Ford Eco Mode the system continue to assess the effects of his driving in fuel consumption behavior. Analysis of the speed system, the gears of change, braking level and anticipation, as well as a series of short and long journeys make. Intelligent software then advise on how improve fuel economy. Better aerodynamics to boost the economy, when you are driving slowly, the shutter is active ventilation system keep the open grill rack to cool the engine. When the speed is taken can be automatically closed, increased aerodynamics and help to save fuel.

2018 Ford Focus ST Diesel Reviews Comfortable

Every aspect of the focus ST is designed with maximum comfort. And as each technology and features to make life easier, you can concentrate on enjoying your car performance. The wheel that puts everything at hand, a new three-spoke steering wheel is ergonomically designed specifically for the Ford Focus ST each button and control at your fingertips and the position of the wheel improves usability and visibility of the dashboard of your car. Smart storage for smart devices, the place point to console incorporates a space for smartphones and other mobile devices. It has a USB port for connectivity and power and a rubber mat to help keep your belongings safely.

Free key means without problems, Ford KeyFree system permits driver and passenger to lock and unlock your car without having to take your key in your pocket or purse: ideal when you have your hands full working in. Start the car simply with the touch button as the engine start, now there is no need to use your key. Simply press the electric starter motor Ford while pressing the clutch (or the automatic brake pedal) and is active in the life of the engine. Mirrors that can be protected, to avoid damage, folding mirrors can auto fold when they are stationed. Hidden behind, also protect the integrated indicators.

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