2018 Ford Ecosport Review Philippines

2018 Ford Ecosport Review Philippines

2018 Ford Ecosport Review Philippines – 2018 Ford Ecosport Review Philippines, Hole, pop, water pipe sewers are high. On your car you can stop or go backwards. In the new EcoSport still only. 200 mm, the distance to the ground, as any SUV, SUV urban tries to get where you want to go. Put 200 mm distance to the ground between you and the road, potholes, ditches or anything in its path. Add a good approach and departure, over 550mm of water soaking angles, and ready for almost anything. Noisy cities. But not in the EcoSport. The city soundscape subjugated by the quiet quieter interior in its class.
2018 Ford Ecosport Review Philippines
It fits almost anywhere, you want an SUV, but his life is in the city. It is for this reason that the EcoSport is perfect. The design of city size makes it easy to park and move through the streets of the city. But SUV capabilities allow you to go to places that normally does not go – in the city or on the open road. Hill Start assist, the secret of the perfect Hill began. Hill Start assist has brakes for 3 seconds after you take the foot, which gives you time to accelerate smoothly, without scrolling. So if someone parked too close, no sweat. And it works in both directions: costs up or down. 2018 Ford Ecosport Review Philippines.

2018 Ford Ecosport Review Interior and Exterior

Do you want to use your cell phone or change the music on your iPod? Tell SYNC™ what must be done and done. This is just one way that the new EcoSport makes life easier. Hands-free calls, have any separation anxiety when you can not use your phone? The good news is driving the new EcoSport which is not one of them. Sync™ allows you to keep your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road and still with a Bluetooth phone. Get in touch with friends and family only to say his name, such as order statement Call MOM. (SYNC™ in the trends of the model and titanium). 2018 Ford Ecosport Review Philippines.

2018 Ford Ecosport, free music, everyone could sing along to what nice in hearing, when you like. Search. Play a particular artist, album or track. Shuffle. In fact, using your MP3 player as you would normally, with your voice, not in your hands. You can even listen to music on a Bluetooth® phone, wirelessly, or play music from USB devices, hands-free. Tell™ SYNC what you want to hear. Preview text, OK, so we know to not text and drive. But that doesn’t mean that you can not find what is happening. Just ask™ SYNC read incoming text messages. He even understands the common abbreviations and emoticons, so you will get the message.

Entry keyless and button start, forget about looking for fumbling for keys in your pocket or purse. 2018 Ford Ecosport, while you have your key with you, your new EcoSport door opens automatically when you are near. Just press the button to start the machine and go. Button never touches your hand.

The space is growing, new EcoSport is that size is easy to match it with the crowded city. But it still gives you plenty of interior space. 60: 40 folding rear seats and obtain 705 liter spaces. It is large enough to fit washer 560 litres. Keep one of the rear seats split and fold the other objects and people that will fit differently. 2018 Ford Ecosport Review Philippines.

Refrigerated glove box, Yes, there was air conditioning. tried and tested in temperatures extreme so it works well in any climate. But not only keeps you cool. A meal or a cold drink in your glove compartment is also. 20 storage compartments, is what you do not see that there says much about the interior design of the new EcoSport. 2018 Ford Ecosport, twenty storage spaces allow you convenient pack things. Sliding drawer under the front seats make valuables safely out of sight. Even his sunglasses and umbrella have their own space.

2018 Ford Ecosport Review Performance

The 2018 New Ford EcoSport is designed to give you more of what you need and less of what you don’t. So unsurpassed fuel economy and power sensitive was on. Regular trips to the fuel pump is out. Energy, 1.5-liter Ti-VCT petrol offers a force ready to go when, without being greedy at the gas station. 2018 Ford Ecosport, this ensures that every drop of gasoline use, while cam timing variable automatically adjusts to ensure that a machine is working at optimum efficiency.

2018 Ford Ecosport Review

Design of low fuel consumption, means of drag coefficient 0365 which EcoSport for you? Other fuel savings. Because you drive urban SUV with the best aerodynamics in its class. From the design of ‘Teardrop’ a profile of small details like the executor back post, everything is working to limit wind resistance and reduce fuel consumption. Stable and sensitive handling is typical of the quality of the unit. 2018 Ford Ecosport, wheel of energy assistance electric adjustment feeling lighter in slow traffic and ‘weight’ at higher speed for greater control. Also adapts to the changes of weather conditions and road, as the cross-wind, to keep you on track. Best of all, just come to help when necessary, saving fuel. 2018 Ford Ecosport Review Philippines.

6-speed PowerShift, manual search with the ease of an automatic fuel efficiency? The 6-speed PowerShift automatic transmission offers both, with two grip from side to side for gear changes you’ll barely notice.

2018 Ford Ecosport Review Safety

There are many reasons to feel secure in the new EcoSport. It offers functions that protect you and others who help about preventing the need for protection in the first place. And that it adds to the valuable peace of mind. Traction control and ESP, the combination of traction control, electronic stability program helps ensure that you have a strong sense of connection with the road and excellent control in the corners and when overtaking. Together, they help to reduce the chance of spinning wheel and over – or bajo-volante in the corner. The driver and front passenger seats have airbags to provide an additional level of protection. Titanium with 7 airbags/trend with 2 airbags.

Boron steel of high resistance, a shot of super high-strength boron steel in the door adds efficiency of cellular security of high-strength new EcoSport. Used by the space program, boron steel is four times stronger than normal high-strength steel, but lightweight. Sensors rear parking lot, all of the joke about how well that you have eyes in the back of the head. 2018 Ford Ecosport can now see how good that was. The new reverse EcoSport and ‘beep’ lets you know when the sensor detects objects behind you, while it shows you the screen on the dashboard where they are. Park pilot available with titanium single Variant. 2018 Ford Ecosport Review Philippines.

ABS and EBD. When you need to stop immediately, wants to make sure that you leave from. Do not slide. ABS as stands for anti-lock Braking System and EBD as stands for electronic brake force distribution, prevents wheel locking in case of emergency and provide a sense of stability and greater control.

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