2018 Ford Territory Raptor V8

2018 Ford Territory Raptor V8


2018 Ford Territory Raptor V8 – Ford introduced the territory along the Falcon wagon, built in Broadmeadows Assembly production line is the same. Truck Ford Falcon Australia hopes that executives concluded shortly after the introduction of the region, while sales of truck Falcon will be substantially reduced buyers fleet migrated to the area. However, both models side by side for a while because the Falcon wagon retains part of the commercial fleet and base used mainly by private buyers. In any case, production of cars Falcon station-wagon stopped in September 2010.


2018 Ford Territory Raptor V8


That reflects the design of the SUV, capacity in the area of being good for five (two lines) or seven passengers (three lines). All the rows of chairs arranged “theatre style”, where the first line is the lowest and the last line is the highest. The middle and rear rows fold flat on the floor to maximize cargo volume.

Ford territory is a crossover (crossover SUV) which was built by Ford Australia introduced in April 2004. It is based on a platform sponsored BA Falcon 2002 EA169 series and internal project code was E265. Winner of numerous awards since its introduction, the car is the first SUV to win the coveted title of wheel car of the year in 2004, courtesy of car – like handling and practicality Grande, Spain. Ford Australia spent a reported $500 million in the development of this vehicle for four years. The first and only SUV made Australia was also the first in electronic feature of local vehicle stability control.

2018 Ford Territory Raptor V8 Interior, Exterior and Feature

2018 Ford Territory Raptor V8 Interior

2018 Ford Territory Raptor V8 is integrated, the time inside the car no longer means disconnected from their world. With SYNC™ 2 iPod and USB Bluetooth® mobile phone integration and 3 facilities of entry, you and your family can enjoy full connectivity on board. So life doesn’t have to stop when the journey began. Steering wheel mounted controls allow you to easily manage your device without removing your hands from the wheel, so that keep the ears don’t need meets means taking your eyes off the road. The passenger in seat 2 and 3 rows also can afford to enjoy his film the back of the roof DVD system mounted on the titanium model.

Intelligent Interior, contemporary interior design joins the comfort of all bookings, as well as several drivers friendly technology and yourself the smartest region yet. Sync™ 2, make and receive calls, ask for a GPS you will drive home, set the temperature of the Interior of the cabin or ask you to listen to your favorite artists. Say the words and SYNC™ 2 voice activation system will take care of the rest. With the ability to integrate with Bluetooth® portable music 3 devices or mobile SYNC™ 2 ensures that you will be always connected while your hands remain safely on the wheel and eyes on the road. Sync™ 2 is also there when you need it. It can automatically call emergency and provide them with their GPS coordinates if you are in an accident that causes your airbag deploy or the pump is turned off.

2018 Ford Territory Raptor

Intelligent, imagine navigation systems via satellite so that update in real time smart warns you against the traffic on the route conditions? Satellite navigation with traffic (TMC) message channel 2 do that. Through the use of positioning Global (GPS) system and an internal gyroscope, guides the driver with clear voice, supported by map detailed 8 “color touch screen. And to get to where you need to go, you can park easily thanks to the built-in down camera and front parking sensors.

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