2018 Ford Ranger Raptor Review

2018 Ford Ranger Raptor Review

2018 Ford Ranger Raptor Review – 2018 Ford Ranger Raptor has earned a reputation as a go anywhere, do anything collected. The new Ranger Raptor is to strengthen this reputation with a series of designs, capabilities, and updating technology. Proven functionality paired with exceptional performance and fuel efficiency, a range of exceptional technology and enjoy.


Ford Ranger Raptor is a series of light trucks and medio-camiones (grades 2-7), which has been marketed and manufactured by the Ford Motor Company since 1948. While the majority of the full size truck f-series, truck chassis series F they also incorporate taxis and commercial vehicles.


The most popular version of Ford Ranger Ford Ranger is a Raptor, in thirteen different generation during the year. It has been the best-selling vehicle in the United States since 1981 and the best-selling truck since 1977. It is also the best selling vehicles in Canada.

2018 Ford Ranger Raptor

In 1999, the gap between medium-sized trucks, the F-250 F-350 reset separately with the introduction of the Ford Super Duty series. Basically, the F-series includes the F-150, Super Duty (F-250 through F-550) and the F-650 and F-750 Super Duty commercial trucks.

Birds of prey exclusively from the class gt gt Beadlock wheels are available + was able to give the best performance on – and off-highway-road-path second. You can deflate for maximum off-road traction, but it remains firmly for alloy rims and remain set to return to the streets. 34 inches (LT315/70R17-21, 4 x 12.4 R17) BFGoodrich® all-Terrain T / A® tires KO2 is designed specifically for the Raptor. “

2018 Ford Ranger Raptor Review

2018 Ford Ranger Raptor in The River

Ford Ranger Raptor has been one of the hardest work Pick up in business. Now available with the list most ingenious technology, is also one of the smartest. Designed and developed to work with the selected 4WD system, a wide range of machine pengembanagan offers performance and efficiency, power and refinement. System that can help Park and reverse easier, features that keep your notification, such as helping you to achieve your goals and keep you warm. In the new Ranger, the incredible technology have a real purpose. The new Ranger reinforced safety cell is equipped with protection ensured standard air bags for driver and front passenger, side and curtain airbags and a driver knee airbag.

New off-road beast of Raptor. It is better to compete with Chambers of the first generation of Raptor. And that is not all. To manage the distribution of power between front and rear wheels, we have added a transfer case new, four-wheel-drive, torque-on-demand. Combines the best attributes of all car clutch driven wheel, locking in demand with durable four-wheel drive, mechanical. 2017 also sports 3.0 inch (76.2 mm) FOX Racing Shox™, compared with internal bypass of the previous model, improving the performance of the Raptor off-road and provide a smooth ride on the road.

2018 Ford Ranger Raptor Review Feature

Alert forward, always looking forward. This system can alert you if it detects a possible collision with the car in front can prevent new front Ranger URaccident.* radar detects a vehicle more slowly in the same direction and provide warnings Visual and audible if they are fast approaching. If you do not react and kept approaching the other vehicles, the new Ranger will be pre-populated and brake assist greater sensitivity, so even if the brake is pressed lightly, automatically apply you the power that is more difficult to stop quickly.

2018 Ford Ranger Raptor Interior

4 x 4 was chosen for each zone. Select the 4 x 2 and 4 x 4 driving high range for the poor road surface and the dirt tracks and the very difficult terrain 4 x 4 low range. Using electronic shift-On-The-Fly also can switch between 4 x 2 and 4 x 4 high range, while on the move.

A sophisticated system that will help you to stay in your way. Maintenance system rail A forward-looking camera to detect if it is accidentally derived from the rail. Lane keep alert and warn that vibrates the steering wheel and display visual warnings. If you’re slow to respond or not respond, Lane keeping assistance can provide torque direction of assistance to help guide safely copy right. Technology is designed for the roads of various roads (roads), so it will automatically be at speeds below 43 miles per hour (65 mph), or can be turned off manually.

2018 Ford Ranger Raptor Review Engine

Manual and automatic of transmission. There are two different transmissions. 6-speed manual gearbox that provides precise change and 6-speed automatic gear is smooth and carefully tuned points change. Is expected that 2018 avaialable Ford Ranger with petrol engines and one diesel. When it comes to gasoline, expect to see modern, as the unit EcoBoost 2.0 liter 240 HP and 270 lb-ft of torque and a unit of 2.3 liters and 305 HP engine 285 lbs ft of torque. When it comes to diesel engine, expected 2018 Ranger will use 4.2-liter cylinder five units, which is located under the hood of the new transit, which has a maximum output of approximately 180 horsepower.

Use less fuel with Auto Start-Stop. When it stops at a traffic light or in your vehicle parked in the tail, this technology can automatically shut off the engine while still supplying power to the system is important. When you are ready to move, pressing the clutch and select computer, and restart the system. In towns and cities, Auto Start-Stop, can reduce fuel consumption.

Diesel engines are more powerful, more economical. TDCi Duratorq 2.2 L diesel engine tested performance, power and reliability in the field and now has been updated, offers additional power and economy. L Duratorq TDCi 1.4 produces an amazing 160 PS and 385 Nm of torque. Available in manual transmission 6-speed and automatic (only available on selected models). Do you need more power? Then take the option of diesel Duratorq TDCi 3.2 L, 470 Nm of torque with a 200PS at your command. The impressive fuel economy and low emissions are sent from 43.5 mpg (6.5 l / 100 km) and emissions of 171 g/km of CO2 (160PS 4 x 4 manual 6 acceleration with the FDR 3.15).

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