2018 Ford Kuga Review

2018 Ford Kuga Review

2018 Ford Kuga Review – FORD KUGA, a dynamic SUV that offers many advanced technologies including all-wheel drive smart that conform to any area that you come through and hands-free tailgate. Strong, soft and with more style, both inside and outside, are proud to reveal the SUV, Ford Kuga, our smarter still. New Ford kuga has excellent memory and offer on-demand the latest technology to keep alive the dream of Off Road Adventure.

The system of intelligent all wheels that they are adapted to the terrain and the conditions in an instant, active city stopped automatically applies the brakes at low speed to avoid collisions and Ford SYNC read text messages and give you control your music, hands-free calls and much more. We are also proud to be the first to introduce the innovative hands-free tailgate one SUV. It is very easy to operate, even with your hands full, wave only the leg under the bumper and the door will open and close.

Packed full with a lot of innovative features, bringing the Kuga SUV (Smart Utility Vehicle) style and technology to a new level.

2018 Ford Kuga Review

2018 Ford Kuga Review Exterior and Interior

Clean lines reinforced by elements of design premium Kuga as in the mold of the typical contours, rear diffuser chrome and low profile Kuga Titanium X REL ceiling white Platinum, white titanium sport Kuga sport X Platinum, Kuga Titanium X Sport in magnetic, completely to redesigned of Ford Kuga, Ford Kuga strong appearance, Ford Kuga-great handling on and off the road , Ford Kuga, design lean back All-Ford Kuga, new Ford Kuga sophisticated design Ford Kuga, smooth, style bodywork, a robust profile of Kuga, Ford Kuga SUV Ford Kuga is intelligent, sport utility vehicles, all-terrain lines of muscle of the Ford Kuga, Ford Kuga, form the contours.

Kuga has a premium cabin, in contemporary form and finish. Then an exercise Chair, soft-touch instrument panel, one is only ‘bull Horn’ and switches of perfect detailed console, instruments and control surfaces are all the result of superior craftsmanship. Roof of Ford Kuga Panorama, Ford Kuga’s Superior experience in the cockpit.

2018 Ford Kuga Interior

Kuga foreign and interior sculptural and sophisticated style. Shoulder muscles gives it a sporty SUV, off-road, the appearance of a typical strong design and back completes the look. Clean lines of the Kuga more premium design elements as in the mold of the typical contours, rear diffuser and chrome low profile roof rails.

2018 Ford Kuga Review Color

Kuga come in different colors (solid and metal), so there will be one that you like. Ford Kuga shadow black, grey Sterling Ford Kuga, Ford Kuga Moondust silver, Ford Kuga magnetic impact, deep blue Ford Kuga, Ford Kuga frozen white, blue Blazer, red race, white Platinum, Ford Kuga, Ford Kuga instincts Ruby red green.

Premium Extra, The upper part of the Kuga Titanium X, providing a level of refinement, technology and style. If the demand the best of all, this is the last intelligent vehicles for you. Bodystyling kits, Bodystyling kit, luxury leather upper in all, Premium leather guest Chair, leather, Premium 19 x 2 rear seat “5-spoke alloy wheels, rear spoiler roof strike

2018 Ford Kuga Review Performance

Impressive performance of Ford Kuga, whatever the conditions, the Kuga is available with EcoBoost engine 1.5, with the 150PS, 6-speed Manual and 6 speed automatic transmission with 182PS. The second engine provides plenty of power even in the difficult off-road conditions. You will use less fuel, thanks to the Ford ECOnetic technologies.

The Intelligent drive system guarantees ultra sensitive management in each area. As a result, the Kuga provide a balance of performance and impressive efficiency. Inform yourself and get all the important facts and figures below. Discover how today’s diesel engine is the most clean the history, played an important role in helping to reduce CO2 emissions.

2018 Ford Kuga Engine

The performance of a gasoline engine, gasoline EcoBoost Kuga 1.5-liter engine delivers exceptional performance, with 120PS and 150PS, PS 182 and 6-speed automatic transmission 6-speed Manual, producing a maximum torque of 240 Nm.

The choice of a high power, both diesel engine diesel engine gives lots of energy. There is a diesel TDCi 2.0 litres (150 PS) Duration of torque engine completely with 6-speed manual transmission, that provides a high level of energy low revolutions 370 Nm at 2,000 rpm. Also more able to face conditions most difficult off-road 180 PS 2.0 liter diesel.

Ford PowerShift gearbox. More fun driving with less fuel, which combines the convenience of an automatic with manual control, this gearbox automatic 6-speed, dual-clutch previously selected the following March, not to lose power when changing. PowerShift lightning fast, smooth gear shift not only make driving smoother and more enjoyable, but also to save fuel and reduce CO2 emissions in comparison with the normal automatic. This technology even compensate if you’re in the wrong gear. For example, when you are ahead, it could fall the team and give you the power to accelerate faster and control to create pass safely.

Use 10% less fuel with Auto-Start-Stop, the Kuga was at traffic lights or idling in the queue, this technology will automatically switch the machine off (while still supplying power to the important things like air conditioning and radio). When you’re ready to go, restart it. This is ideal if you drive in the city, as this can cut your fuel consumption up to 10%. (Only available in 1.6 liter EcoBoost 150PS).

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