2018 Ford F150 Lightning Specs

2018 Ford F150 Lightning Specs

2018 Ford F150 Lightning Specs – Our goal in the construction of the new generation of the Ford F-150 is set the bar for durability and efficiency as a high level of industry for many years to follow. This is the goal which requires a commitment of more than 16 million of accumulated kilometers torture testing in laboratories, in the garden of confirming, entrances from high altitude and through valleys, the desert while that carry a great load and tow heavy in extreme temperatures.


Today, the F-150 is lighter by up to 700 lb (317 kg). * results: best in class towing *. Better that never power-to – weight ratio for faster acceleration and higher power in the range. The management is more sensitive. Rapid braking stops faster. And everything is achieved more effectively.


Class exclusive * military grade aluminum alloy body,-this is a high strength series 5000/6000 grade aluminum are the same used in industries such as aerospace, energy, and commercial transport. Our goal: reduce weight while increasing strength. It is more, dents and corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy.

2018 Ford F150 Lightning Specs

2018 Ford F150 Performance

The f-150 can pull more than another truck in its class – up to 12,200 kg (lbs. 5,533). If you are a beginner or an experienced pro book trailer or trailer parking can be difficult. First new segment, * backup Pro Trailer available help™ 10 makes it easy for drivers of all levels to a trailer up to launch a boat or Park on a street.

To run the backup of Trailer Assist™ Pro 10, turn the knob to show how much the system has to change the trailer. Backup Pro trailer assist™ 10 then automatically Director trucks to change the desired number of trailers. The system may limit the speed of vehicles to increase comfort and control over a variety of road surfaces.

The exclusive class available * camera 360 degrees with a split-screen display using four cameras – one in the grill, gate under each of the Dr. side and rear mirror. A system that allows you to view all parts of a truck with stitches the images together and display them on the screen of the Central battery. This is useful when the stubborn speed maneuver tight spaces or lines.

2018 Ford F150 Naked

Compressed natural gas (CNG) and gas propane autogas became a popular choice for those who want to help reduce fuel costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Why the 5.0 L Ti-VCT V8 offers Propane Gas CNG engine URPackage.* including preparation of hardened engines of the intake valve and the valve seat gas fuel system.

2018 Ford F150 Feature

Take a lot of things every day. Therefore we have designed the Ford F-150 to maximize the comfort of the workspace. Here is how this feature is available: BoxLink collection box universal configurable interface™ system ensures a wide range of accessories and Ford sales are available as loading ramps, aftermarket to keep storage containers, dividers and many others including E – Track™. Box light LED-working at night or under cover. To save, loading ramps easy load items as vehicles off-road, motorcycles and mowers; they can be spaced along the back door following the points that are loaded. Class exclusive * integrated tailgate step with auxiliary lift integrated into the tailgate. Class exclusive * remote liberacion-liberacion tailgate and lower the tailgate with the key; lock and unlock the door with the key or inside door switch. Side steps drop-down-there is a box in any cab configuration.

2018 Ford F150 Interior

Ford F-150 provides LED lighting everywhere you need with this feature are available:
• Quad-Beam LED headlamps and taillamps – giving bright LED, more efficient and more durable than conventional lighting lamps.
• Mirror light bulbs to every task from almost any angle after the Sun has set.
• LED lighting box – helps you work at night and allows you to view under a tonneau cover.
• Gate lead is useful when you pull a trailer at night.
• Focus of the external security LED illuminates the area opposite the door and fender.

Available 8-inch LCD productivity provides useful information of trailer fuel efficiency data in front of you in the instrument cluster. You can create a home screen with six menu options: view, fuel, travel, trailer, ATV and truck configuration and access your screen most commonly used in one place. 8 inch LCD productivity standard LARIAT F-150 King Ranch®, Platinum and infinite.

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