2018 Ford Edge Sport Review UAE

2018 Ford Edge Sport Review UAE

2018 Ford Edge Sport Review UAE – 2018 FORD EDGE, sitting at the top of the range of our trucks, new Ford Edge is the epitome of modern improvements. Sitting at the top of the range of the SUV, the new Ford Edge is the epitome of modern improvements. The strong performance, sophisticated and cutting edge technologies to put ahead of the crowd. With the presence of a bold and impressive way, this vehicle is more than an SUV, sure that was a declaration of intent. Explore the edge.


Adaptive steering wheel. This new optional technology makes driving, even in tight spaces. Constantly monitors the condition and the road which leads to optimize the steering ratio – i.e., turns the steering wheel which needs to be done. At low speeds like parking, adaptive management makes the vehicle more agile and easy to change, requires little effort. Faster speeds increase the adaptive response of the rudder that makes change easier with reduced address entry.


2018 Ford Edge Sport Review UAE

With little effort the more enjoyable driving.

Active noise control. Control measure of active noise of sound waves interfere (as the sound of the engine) and undo them. It separates the sounds that you want to hear, such as music and conversation, make them clear. Or, you can sit and enjoy a feeling of tranquility while concentrating on the road to follow.

2018 Ford Edge Sport Review UAE

Ford Edge is a mid-size SUV produced by Ford crossover. The first generation Edge is based on the Ford CD3 platform with the first generation Ford Fusion, Mazda CX-9, the first generation Mazda 6, and the second and the Lincoln MKX. Together with variants is really premium, Lincoln MKX, edge (aka U387), produced at the Ford Oakville Assembly in Oakville, Ontario, Canada.

2018 Ford Edge Sport Review Performance

Through a combination of intelligent design, intelligent techniques and advanced aerodynamics, the Ford Edge offers a perfectly of balanced combination of performance, economic fuel and handling precision.

Advanced suspension travel for excellent handling and accuracy. All new advanced multi rear suspension, combined with a rise in ‘Strut’ McPherson front suspension offers a control excellent quality of refined driving and. tuned specifically for the generous height and width for the edge, as well as specific performance capabilities, it adds very sensitive car steering.

The State of the art DIESEL power. Advanced 2.0 TDCi engine gives you two options: power 180PS and 210PS bi-turbo. The second variant incorporates the latest of technology to maximum performance, torque and economy while reducing emissions.

2018 Ford Edge Sport Review Comfort and Convenience

Hands-free rear door opening and closing effortless. If you have your hands full, but fob KeyFree on new Ford Edge, your senses the proximity of you, so all they have to do is wave the foot under the rear bumper to open or close the door automatically. It can also operate using the button on remote control or rear door inside your car. You can stop the action at any point and would no longer back door.

2018 Ford Edge Sport

Stress-free parking lot and pulled out. Using a combination of different technologies, active Park more than direct automatically help you to parking in parallel where. With the departure of the Park help, help to take advantage of them, also. The system of parallel and perpendicular parking puts spaces that fit as you drive past. Then redirect automatically, while everything they do is operate the accelerator, brake and gear (following screen instructions and an audible signal).

Interior lighting that fits your style, taste and mood. Light blue ice illuminating all interior modern interior controls. While the regulator allows you to in the light of the different areas of the vehicle, as the foot and wells console Cup holders illuminated by one of the seven different colors. It even has the ability to mix to create and save their own five characteristics through MyColour.

Free key means hassle-free. Ford KeyFree system allows you to lock and unlock your car without having to take your key in your pocket or look in your bag. This option also saves you the hassles when you have your hands full.

2018 Ford Edge Sport Review Safety and Security

Special protection for the passenger behind you. The two outer rear seats can be specified with unique to Ford features: inflatable rear safety belts. In terms of impact, the belt inflates and scattered the forces of the crash five times larger areas of the body than conventional seat belts. Reduce the pressure on the chest and more movement of the head and neck control, this innovative technology can help reduce the chance of injury.

2018 Ford Edge Sport Review

Extra power for emergency braking. Emergency brake assist helps the vehicle to achieve maximum effectiveness in emergency braking situations. It is controlled automatically by the system of electronic stability control, which detects pressure applied the brake to yourself and improve automatically, if necessary.

Confidence in difficult conditions. This car is equipped with Control (ESC), which combines a variety of technologies that is designed to keep electronic stability control. The sensors detect sudden changes in direction, braking or behaviour of a vehicle can cause you to lose control, and ESC then right adjust the speed of the wheels of each individual, make your car more stable and help to prevent skidding. ESC includes Hill Start assist, pre-filled electronic brake and emergency braking assistance.

Faster, shorter emergency stop. When it detects an emergency stop, the electronic stability control, brake system pre-loaded, close all air space between the discs and brake pads. Known as the electronic brake prefill, this technology helps reduce the distance of a car braking. 2018 Ford Edge Sport Review UAE.

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