2018 Ford C-Max Hybrid Price in Malaysia

2018 Ford C-Max Hybrid Price in Malaysia

2018 Ford C-Max Hybrid Price in Malaysia – Starting its debut of more than hatchback segment, ford c-max comes to the exchange style of driving class. Its luxurious and its comfortable could face every situation and need. People would love to drive this car because its feature and ford c-max can be consisted seven passenger in maximum.


Malaysia is the one country in Asia where you could find out many technology development and many ethnics in there. People in Malaysia are reach, you would never see the super-car in other countries around Asia, here in Malaysia those super-car are easy to find more. Malaysia is the one country which is has the best circuit where Moto-GP and Formula 1 held every year, named Sepang Circuit. So, it is no doubtful if people of this country are reach and able to have any expensive car indeed included cars produced by Ford Motor Company.


2018 Ford C-Max Hybrid Price in Malaysia

The hybrid is offered in two settings: Fabric seating surfaces are nice feature, systems Ford SYNC with A/m-f/M stereo with CD/MP3 player disk, USB and an outlet for additional input, six speakers, a multiple gauge cluster information and the color screen, keyless, alloy wheels and split folding rear bench seat with security alarm entry. Addition of cells from the surface of the skin, sitting with MyFord touch AM / FM HD Radio stereo with single-disc and USB input jacks CD/MP3 player and auxiliary, Sony premium surround sound system, SIRIUS Satellite Radio, front seats of double power, keyless access, push-button system start and other luxury features. Power plug-in hybrid available only in the cells of the lining.

Ford introduces the c-Max in the United States as the first hybrid vehicle line only, which includes the c-Max hybrid, launched in September 2012, the c-Max Energy hybrid, launched in October 2012. Although the c-Max is initially contained only in Europe, the first generation is partially available in New Zealand. With the introduction of the new large MPVs s-max and Galaxy, the c-Max is a medium size multipurpose vehicle in the Ford line, above a b-Max.

Officials from Ford Motor Co. say substantial real world hybrid c-Max depends on driving style and other factors on the outside, and the company does not expect fuel efficiency car number to change, as they follow the guidelines of the EPA test. Ford spokesman are also working closely with the EPA to determine if changes to the industry in relation to the test of hybrid vehicles are needed. Automobile manufacturers explained that various factors can affect the fuel economy of a hybrid is more than an ordinary gasoline engine and highlighted the differences between the speed, the difference between 75 mph and 65 mph can result in a difference 7 mpg in fuel consumption; outside temperature, the difference between 40 ° F and 70 ° F may result in a difference of 5 mpg; and theft of vehicle, a difference of 0 miles 6,000 miles to be able to 5 mpg difference.

2018 Ford C-Max Hybrid Interior and Exterior

This car was created to provide much comfort as possible because with 2018 Ford C Max Energy can not only save fuel and the environment but feel comfortable while doing so, also. A great thing with a design that is big and nice and you will rest just by being in it. It helps that this is a natural environment of the skin also add sporty Interior elements that make the indoor installation is greater. What they don’t expect most of the passengers is really enough interior space as the welcome was given to accommodate five people at the same time and made more comfortable as possible. The front seat has the possibility of adjusting the seat and change its position by which the driver does not have a problem when becoming comfortable.

2018 Ford C-Max Hybrid Back View

Completely new telescopic steering wheel, with full customization features will also be used here. This not only increases the possibility of making you feel good, but it also adds a new element at the time of driving and the car‘s direction. tangled 8 inch touch screen in the center console and has some elements that help you to control all the functions in the car. One was the MyFord Touch system and entertainment was also TFT 4.2 inch screen that has a feature that gives you the ability of multifunctional has before itself apart.

2018 Ford C Max Energy should see contemporary will make additions in the industry today. The vehicle takes us four-door design is really thanks to added features look larger than it really is. The front of the car has a trapezoidal grille design that more cars and combined with some long car LED lights is about 173.6 inches, while width 72 inches and height average 39.7 inches. As you can see by the number of cars standard designs for many contemporary cars today come from the same segment but as say sample to look at from a distance.

Other changes include the shape of the body-colored front bumper are added where also there are some innovations that make cars beautiful and useful, and also at the same time. Just below the halogen lamp is not a headlights with fog light bulbs recently also added front projector. Around the side window we have some framework of chrome that also added an extra and it is perfect for the look of the car.

2018 Ford C-Max Hybrid Engine

Here below we show you the table capture from the Ford C-max specification.

Ford C-MAX Engine Table

Ford C-MAX Engine and Transmission Table

2018 Ford C-Max Hybrid Price in Malaysia

Based on upgrading on its feature and other specification, we can summary it would be different cost about this car. We are sure that the price would be little higher than its previous year series. The estimated price is starting from $31.999 untill $36.999. But for real price we can find out where he car is published officially released.

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