2017 Land Rover Defender 10 Station Wagon Review

2017 Land Rover Defender 10 Station Wagon Review

2017 Land Rover Defender 10 Station Wagon Review – Since 1948, the Defense has been to conquer the most hot and hard in the world. The epic adventure with memories of those moments, celebrating icons 68 years advocates share the trip by his advocate and explore other people around the world. Unmistakably Land Rover, they evolved more than 68 years, Land Rover Defender always retains the outline of the icon. No matter the distance between axes is selected.


2017 Land Rover Defender 10 Station Wagon


Buy Land Rover Defender is an art in itself. Choose between three distances between axles-90, 110, tested here and extends über 130, all dimensions in inches of the Empire of good, old – and then the couple one party even 14 variations.

It is this flexibility that has earned the people of Earth, the Defender can choose the station wagon, removable hard disk or Pick-up single and double tops cab, cab chassis naked… You get the idea. Today we are driving a car 110 Station Wagon popular seven seater brought everywhere 4 x 4 three rows of seats. He was taken everywhere minivan for people who mocked BMW X5s and their ilk as too Outre.

Approaching a defender as more 2017-spec cars will be yours and you’ll be surprised. It’s a car from another era and hinge the door open and stuck to the body can be a surprise, but we hold in equal measure. This is a car that was built largely by hand, not machine, and will feel like cracks in the panel and setting and interior finish. This is basically a design of 67 years, recalls.

This is a big car, especially in the 110 and get to move up to the cabin of a defender. There is a good view out, thanks to the style of the breeze block but there is very little space for a car that ran into a mustache of 4.8 m long.

Press handling and simple adjustment wheel and the driver’s seat is a task most drivers to feel comfortable but 6 ft 2 in fact correspondent introduced without too much strain. Just be careful with narrow elbow-there is little impact of space next to the destroyed and the arms on the outside by the b-pillar. Disturbing.

The North stands and South, which was previously prohibited, so hinge side, great seats now fall down to accommodate six and seven passengers; its weight and forget every trick folds plana-a – box – that devour a lot of space to boot when folded.

2017 Land Rover Defender 10 Station Wagon Engine

Run longitudinally mounted I4 turbodiesel 2198cc, reaching the long road that goes to the parking brake excessively stars and vibrations of the farm. This is Euro 5 only (another reason for death, as effect to defend 2016 EU6) and provide much despite the latest addition to the noisy acoustic additional deflector. It was a heavy car but 266 lb ft at 2000 rpm twist overcome kerbweight close to two tons of 120bhp.

2017 Land Rover Defender 10 Station Wagon Review

Stubbornness of change, but then just leave it be, it relied on an excess of torque. Landié conduction velocity was a lesson in moderation; much more than 50 mph and bounce of 4 x 4, requiring constant correction through the steering wheel of a big, skinny as if BA Baracus and the team were playing a. speed of 90 km/h is best left intact, 110 opted for a more leisurely pace.

And once you accept the lack of dynamic Road, at least-it all click into place. This car was loved by the people who admire the different qualities: the fact that will run forever (he bought one of the last and the model you will probably see out ‘), the ability to drag a load of practical, the fact that you not are never run in bad weather again. Without forgetting the beauty of it.

It will also pull a trailer with brake of 3.5 tonnes, you can stack up to 150 kg in the Baca clobber and you get a full size, hilariously profiling Continental CrossContact 235/85 R16 “on the back of hinged doors. Congratulations also to the harsh entertainment floor rubber; Many other cars you can just hose this family time later strolling muddy?

2017 Land Rover Defender 10 Station Wagon Performance

Surely be owned d ‘ defend, no? We have led to the Decade of the 90s and 110s traverses a variety of terrains, in Europe, Africa and Australasia – and never acropper. Slide the transmission in the low range and that mud diagonal Ban that take you where you want to go. I do not think that the defenders of the business is off-road; with a certain electronic security control of AIDS as the descent of the Hill or switching driving mode as you would find in a new Land Rover, need to know what you are doing to get the better of him.

2017 Land Rover Defender 10 Station Wagon Interior

But it involves the brain, as well as low-speed transfer case and enjoy immediately raise 45 ° gradient, overwhelming the axis of the joint and the ability to enjoy half a meter. This is old school appropriate, brought the fun of the city. And because the roots of the grass, the earthy characters, Defender feel best when driven with a light smear of mud.

2017 Land Rover Defender 10 Station Wagon Price

2017 Land Rover Defender 10 Station Wagon hit some special price, from its original country, the car hit its number in $48.604, but for overseas selling the car would be priced starting from $55.599. 2017 Land Rover Defender 10 Station Wagon is the most wanted car for everyone who ever engage in driving with the car.

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