2017 Ford B-Max Release Date UK

2017 Ford B-Max Release Date UK

2017 Ford B-Max Release Date UK

2017 Ford B-Max Release Date UK – 2017 Ford B-Max, ingenious design, easy access, leading technology in its class and use intelligent space, perfect for urban drivers. Ford b-Max has been developed especially for urban drivers. Compact in size, while ingenious, easy access to the door, wide opening system 1.5 m in the interior is wide and smooth. 2017 Ford B-Max Release Date UK.


Along with a unique design, b-Max has a lot of technology to make driving easier, more fun and more efficient. For example, stop city * help to avoids a collision of slow moving traffic, braking automatically for you, if necessary. With Ford SYNC® * you can control the music and phone, with simplicity voice of commands – SYNC® can even read a text message. Revolutionary 1.0-litre EcoBoost petrol gives the power of 1.6, fuel economy is remarkable.



B-Max has a unique body design. With the door open, you will see that the structural pillars, which normally divides the front and rear of the car, have been skillfully integrated in the door. This means that there are no obstacles, facilitating access.


2017 Ford B-Max

Fun urban driving, making b-Max is equipped with advanced driving technologies to help you with almost all aspects of driving. Impressive power and efficiency, a range of engine and gearbox is available in b-Max allows you to select your own combination of power and efficiency. At 1.0-litre EcoBoost petrol engine, that delivers strength 1.0 with fuel economy and greater 1.6 TDCi diesel. Designed around your needs, enjoy the atmosphere calm and elegant in which to stroll the narrow streets, occupied. B-Max has achieved excellent results during testing the safety of our home. Now that completed the production model, with a number of advanced security features, you must obtain an official graduation, even under the standard of Euro NCAP’s new, stricter. 2017 Ford B-Max Release Date UK, Advanced features of the same vehicle, including closing Global, which can open and close all the doors and windows of electricity to distance, use your key. (Perimeter alarm systems available with certain option packages). Characteristics of a double lock prevents that intruders to open the doors from the inside and also includes alarm Thatcham category 1.


2017 Ford B-Max Feature

Max brake for you, to avoid low-speed collisions. Innovative city stop help soften it, or even avoid, the collision of slowly move on traffic-jam or at speeds up to 19 mph. If the system detects that it had suddenly stopped the car in front, it automatically applies the brakes. 2017 Ford B-Max Release Date UK, Additional control during hill starts, Hill Start helps stop rolling back making a hill start. The engine works by maintaining of the pressure for the braking system for an extra 2.5 seconds, giving more time and control while the foot is about from the brake to the accelerator pedal. It is also has the advantage when about to stop and to start on the slippery surface. (Hill Start assist is not available with a 1.4 litre petrol engine).


2017 Ford B-Max Test Drive

Rear view camera everse easy, with bollards, walls are low, children play… the view from the back of the camera would appear on the screen which is integrated in the display on the dashboard. Also it shows you things you might miss, it helps to Park, showing the virtual lines to guide you in the smallest space. For your convenience, rear view cameras automatically activate when you select the gear down.2017 Ford B-Max Release Date UK,  Sensors that the stress of parking, optional parking proximity sensor helps to judge the distance between your car and the drag, front or behind you. Sound left warnings that rising, is getting closer. This feature is designed to help Park quickly and with confidence.

2017 Ford B-Max Release Date UK

Maximum grip for more control, torque vector control react to the surface of the road 100 times per second. With this information, he was repeatedly braking power and rolling of the part delivered to each of the two front wheels. This maximizes grip and handling of hone, help around one corner and more undulations in the road. Vector control is a cutting edge technology that comes as standard. 2017 Ford B-Max Release Date UK, Servo-assisted using a little force, b-Max has an electric power-assisted steering (EPAS) which automatically adjusts according to the situation. So if you are driving in the city, at low speeds or parking, the system makes wheel tour out to feel lighter and easier to give it greater manoeuvrability. And faster (in road toll, for example) will make the steering wheel more firmly to give you greater control and confidence. This innovative EPA permitted only when it is necessary, in order to use less energy, to further improve fuel economy.


2017 Ford B-Max Performance

B-Max is available with 1.0-liter engine is revolutionary, the 100PS 125PS provides strength and 1.6 litres. But he still managed to consume 20% less fuel than a gasoline equivalent each other engine. In fact, with a fuel consumption and CO2 emissions figure is more like a diesel. To achieve this, it has been a fundamental return designed – faster engine warm-up time and reduce friction are some of the improvements. As well as strength and economy, you can enjoy a sound and sports sensation. Beside the new EcoBoost engine, Max is available with an engine of entry level of 1.4 l Duratec, producing 90 PS, and Ti-VCT 1 6-lisa, efficient option produces 105 PS with the PowerShift gearbox.

Two diesel engines which provides superior efficacy, 1.6 TDCi efficiently, producing 95 PS and the illustrious class 70.6 mpg and the level of CO2 emissions of just 104 g/km or 1.5 TDCi economically produces 75 PS and maintaining low fuel consumption levels 42.8 mpg and CO2 emissions of just 109 g/km level.

2017 Ford B-Max Design

Easy access door unprecedented access to the Ford system, go to the front and rear sliding doors give a wide unobstructed aperture 1.5 m on each side, making it easy to get in and out. Exclusive Max system achieves this by hidden skillfully pillar reinforcement of the Center doors, instead of sticking to the sides of the body.


A way more tranquil travel, for you and your passengers a more relaxed trip, various measures have been taken to minimize the noise and the vibrations of the engine, road and wind. In particular, a system of easy access door door seal has a sophisticated system again to remove wind noise.


2017 Ford B-Max Safety

Euro NCAP Advanced gifts, to keep you safe. Ford SYNC® with the help of emergency and stop of the city have been a prize Euro NCAP advanced: the highest given by the leading independent security organization in Europe. The award recognizes only the most advanced, avoiding accidents and technology after the accident on his car. 2017 Ford B-Max Release Date UK, And that is the size of the commitment with Ford security across our range, we have now received a total of seven Euro NCAP advanced reward, all the innovations that are designed to protect you.


B-Max has received the highest possible evaluation of five-star safety for the authority independent of the Euro NCAP crash tests, scoring very particularly for general protection and adult. Passenger front and rear benefit seven airbags and high strength steel as well as frontend has been carefully designed for the protection of pedestrians are optimized. Only vehicles that offer versatile protection of a five star hotel and Ford b-Max has achieved through remarkable engineering, innovative design and intelligent technology.


2017 Ford B-Max Release Date UK

2017 Ford B-Max Release Date UK is about in release for the best moment in United Kingdom. The MPV, as the favorite car in UK, 2017 Ford B-Max is very amazing and luxury car in its class. 2017 Ford B-Max Release Date UK would be clearly announced in the International Motor Show in London. And them about the price, 2017 Ford B-Max would be hit around $28.000 as the bare trim level (just convert to your own currency for more detail price). Yet, the price still as on the road price from America in currency of US Dollar and would be changes a little significant price in difference for each country in release time.


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