2017 NEXT-GEN FIGO Review and Release Date

2017 NEXT-GEN FIGO Review and Release Date

2017 NEXT-GEN FIGO Review and Release Date – 2017 NEXT-GEN FIGO is Better late than never, some producers have returned his attention to the hatchback’s small and brief segment that promise to pack of solid punches. Better known as hot hatchbacks, hatch is committed to offering more when it comes to driving and experience of property, rather than their common and current hatches. Ford Figo is the utility of previous generation hatchback, but with a new generation that comes with the 112PS machine and a dual-clutch six-speed Ford transmission is clearly destined to shake things up. Let’s see if it has been successful or not.

2017 NEXT-GEN FIGO Review and Release Date

A way out clear signals of the previous design, the new Ford Figo is more modern than its predecessor. Most notable is a small detail is really different front end. A large grill, chrome with hexagonal blades and headlights will return to defenses that looks sporty and gives you a bit of an ‘aggressive’ look. Seen from the side, Figo is still a conventional hatch. Back from the left is a little to be desired. How, might you ask? There is a certain disconnect between the front and rear. While the front of the clear stand out, is the part back where Figo will be lost in a sea of hatchback are varied. It would have been nice if the back is definitely rather characters that are similar to the front. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with the design of the back, too soft just a little compared to the front.

2017 NEXT-GEN FIGO Review

Step inside and will welcome you with a cabin is done entirely in black. While the black cabin induces a bit of sportiness but list of cabin of Figo more towards the practical side instead of being all sports. There was familiar, the multifunction display can be used to switch between the different means of communication and Bluetooth function. Along with it, it is the system of air conditioning on the dashboard. The steering wheel is the same as other, topic of talk 3 model Figo with left talk audio controls. Fit and finish could be better inside the cabin. The same applies to the quality of the plastic. There is space within the refund. Figo can be stored in 5 people with it after having grown slightly from the previous model. Ford designers have cleverly spiced cabin of Figo with a lot of Jessie. So much so that the door pockets have slots for two one-liter water bottles. What happens if just to add a little sport, Ford had given the Red than silver accent, here and there, together with a switch or Dim type backlit (available as optional packages). No doubt it would increase the intelligence of the wishes of Figo. In general, the interior is a good place to make it practical and also.

Since Ford offers a choice of automatic transmission only in titanium lining is one that is removed from the upper part, Figo in comes loaded with most of offer. In front of the safety car, getting a double airbags, ABS, EBD, traction control, ESC with Hill-hold assist. You also get Bluetooth, Aux-in, USB port and a 12V outlet, as well. Mirror rear view mirror electrically adjustable steering wheel and driver’s seat is adjustable for height as well. Some of the features that are available as options in the camera opposite parking, illuminated strips, parking back sensor rear seat entertainment and cuts to the affirmed and chrome door. You have to specify the same seller as the last car and furnishings that will be created.

2017 NEXT-GEN FIGO Performance

The numbers in the Middle, Figo 1.5 Ti-VCT in coming up with the pump 136Nm 112PS. shipping power of the machine and the maximum torque arrives at 6,300 rpm and 4.250 rpm respectively. The power delivered to the front wheels via a transmission with double clutch six relations. There is this irritating, inherent delays in mode drive that comes when someone upshifing to gain speed to overtake another car or truck for example. The motor’s revolutions directly below the redline and change. We must be alert to remove the gas to avoid a rev limiter cutting in. The change in the high end more quickly than in the middle. Unit as a man and easy to carry, experience is as a gun enthusiast, better hits sports mode and uses two buttons to tone/downshift manually. But the fun is fingers factor, erm, banks in the axis of the gear shift lever is not large. FIGO automatic sample colors in sport mode, where you can change the time and really feel the car forward with this type of violence is not as soft. This course will take a little time to get to but once the sense of transmission in sport, Figo mode can be a fun car. FIGO has a certificate ARAI 17kmpl efficiency. We are able to ensure the effectiveness of the real world only after a complete efficiency test.
2017 NEXT-GEN FIGO Review and Release Date

The address is very precise and well weighted. There is really not playing, doing the hatchbacks Figo one for better handling in the country. Address entry deviates as exactly as possible to make the front wheels change direction car without problems. The proverbial thorn in the flesh was the tires. FIGO footwear staff of 175/65 R14: ZV2K MRF tyres, which are most enthusiastic driving efficiency and thus Rob the driver were a small benefit of a better grip of the soft tyres have been provided. Brakes, is a different story. Solid and confidence inspiring, if you want to drop anchor in an instant, the brakes do a great job of speed without disturbing wash the car.

2017 NEXT-GEN FIGO Release Date

As we get information about 2018 release date of the 2017 NEXT-GEN FIGO in branches of the India, Ford Motor Company in India not to launch the Declaration. But, of the United States can predict that the 2017 NEXT-GEN FIGO will be launched in India at the end of 2016. Also the price was estimated at $18,500 as base price, only becomes in the eyes of India know the price actually. For your information, the price will be higher than in the United States as a car imported in the India.

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