2017 Ford Figo Review South Africa

2017 Ford Figo Review South Africa

2017 Ford Figo Review South Africa – 2017 Ford Figo Review sub compact sedan has been well received by buyers of cars India and certainly aroused a positive response in the market. In an effort to track of the reaction is good, American automakers have been rapidly launched Figo hatchback, which is basically repeats of Aspire. As with the sedan, Ford has has spared no effort to make it as good as you can from Figo. This spacious, well equipped, has an engine, powerful and beautiful to see. Ford seems to have nailed the prices too and this undoubtedly puts Figo in good place. However, prices and equipment is not the only factor that determines the success of a car and Figo must be as versatile.

As with the Aspire, big grille dominates the face of 2017 Ford Figo Review. Elegant chrome bar four add a small tuft forward aggressively. Below, there are thinner dike that expand a little more, and the appearance is emphasized by the opening where the fog lights are on. In profile, 2017 Ford Figo Review looks more balanced that the brother of sedan and the characters walking on the side of giving a good attitude. In the rear, Ford has been simple and orderly. But perfectly wrap-around tail lamps and the fold which crosses the boot lid help which seems interesting.

2017 Ford Figo Review South Africa

The front of the car is similar to Ford’s global model with hexagonal lattice which recalls the design of Aston Martin. Horizontal furring strips of chrome on the front make the premium aspect of car, along with dam and black water fog lamps and sweptback headlights.

2017 Ford Figo Review

Unlike the Aspire sedan, hatchback Figo proportionally, that makes it look much better. The side profile highlights the line of the shoulder strong and attractive alloys, conical roof is becoming standard in the segment. The back is relatively low-key, stacked horizontal taillights look decent, but spreads not discussed much.

As most hatchback segment, 2017 Ford Figo Review got the black interior, there are some inserts of silver for the dashboard, steering wheel and doors trim to give the effect of a double tone. The cabin has a decent room in front and rear, but its biggest advantage is the intelligence of the utility. There are 20 hole of fat small and large in the cab to keep everything, including your cell phone, wallet, water bottles, coffee cups and small laptops.

Ford does not offer many features with the car. There is a sophisticated system of music with voice commands, steering wheel mounted audio controls and automatic, air conditioned. That aside, all the features are available from the dealer as an accessory. In terms of safety, all variants have side air bags, driver will have version of titanium airbags ABS-EBD and dual.

2017 Ford Figo Review will be available as an option from one of the two engines diesel and gasoline engines. 1.2-liter gasoline unit is OK, but I think duty with output 87bhp and 112Nm 1.5-liter gasoline, on the other hand, is the most powerful in the segment with power figures 110bhp and 136Nm. the smaller of the two was a five-speed manual while larger capacity engines use dual-clutch six-speed transmission. 1.5-litre diesel is also one of the more 99bhp B-segment hatchback and 215Nm is available on tap.

2017 Ford Figo Review South Africa

2017 Ford Figo Review hatchback available in six settings through thirteen variants. Version petrol or diesel with manual transmission is available in base, environment, trend, trends, in addition to titanium and Titanium Plus embellishments. Automatic is available in titanium trim.

2017 Ford Figo Review hatchback is available in seven colours – red rubies, Tuxedo black, deep impact blue silver bullion, grey, bright gold, white oxford and smoke. Hatchback to compete with Maruti Suzuki Swift, Hyundai i10 and the large pin in the segment B.

The new generation of the hatchback Figo is set to India which was released on September 23. This is basically a version of the hatchback, sedan Figo Aspire has just been launched and will take Swift, Maruti Suzuki and Hyundai i10 Grand. We take a look at the specification of design, interior and engine models have to first impressions.

Hatchback stock of FIGO with cue with Figo Aspire design. In fact, both cars look identical from the front profile. What is lost in the hatchback is the third case that forms boot in sedan. Ford Figo is a handsome car and new global design with elegant Grill hexagonal front of Aston Martin looks very good. Also, unlike Aspire, this appears in the form of a hatchback.

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