2017 Ford Ecosport India Price Diesel Titanium On Road

2017 Ford Ecosport India Price Diesel Titanium On Road

2017 Ford Ecosport India Price Diesel Titanium On Road – 2017 Ford Ecosport is the Ford EcoSport is intelligent, capable, powerful and efficient. Hands-free SYNC and EcoBoost 1.0 engine technology (international year of engine for three consecutive years), this is a completely new class of compact SUVS.


The Ford EcoSport is a completely new type of SUV: Smart utility vehicle. Intelligent it’s compact on the outside, as well as a complete and spacious on the inside. Due to a variety of incredible technologies makes each unit is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. And because the State of the art engine and transmission provide useful and substantial performance.


Driving beliefs and points of view. The streets of the city, parking spaces are tight, narrow streets… Thanks to intelligent design, the EcoSport go them all with ease. Agility and maneuverability corresponds with greater visibility: driving position you gives you and your passengers stunning views of the road ahead and the world that surrounds him.

2017 Ford Ecosport India Price Diesel Titanium On Road

A revolutionary blend of power and efficiency. 1.0 liter, 3-cylinder EcoBoost gasoline engine is an ingenious product design and engineering. In fact, a revolutionary technology that delivers great power and fuel economy of a smaller: an achievement that led EcoBoost won prestigious international engine of the year for three consecutive years unparalleled.

2017 Ford Ecosport

Wonderful technology Ford that is designed to do a lot of things. And all benefits and the system is there to keep you connected and entertained, as well as making life easier. Supply petrol or diesel? Any option that you choose you are guaranteed performance, strength and economy. Details of shape and design of the car like rear pillars ‘kicker’ aerodynamic body joined forces to provide low resistance coefficient. The result: lower fuel efficiency and wind resistance.

Intelligent design makes ingenious use of every square millimeter of space, maximizing comfort and satisfaction in compact vehicles. If you are a driver or a passenger, you can be sure that a package of security measures designed to protect. The 2017 Ford EcoSport is also loaded with security measures to help keep your car (and valuable) safe from thieves.

With a variety of features that are practical, useful and difficult, Ford EcoSport are performed on the streets of the city… and it was built to escape them.

2017 Ford Ecosport India Interior

2017 Ford Ecosport Feature

The hands-free technology of Ford SYNC allows you to control the music and make and receive calls on your cell phone, use simple and direct voice commands. You can use voice commands to play songs from USB or MP3 / iPod® too, or music from a Bluetooth® – compatible phone. The system even read aloud incoming text. (Standard).

Additional control over the Hill began. Select the PowerShift automatic transmission option and get the Hill Start assist: a system that temporarily stop rolling back making a hill start. It works maintaining the pressure for the braking system for an additional 2.5 seconds, giving you more time and control as moving the foot from the brake pedal accelerator. This technology is also give many advantages when you stop and start on the slippery surface.

Easy investment. Bollards, trash, low wall… The optional rear view of camera shows what is behind TI on the screen which is integrated into the center console and is automatically activated when you select the gear down. The system also shows the virtual Guide to help you park in the smallest of spaces.

2017 Ford Ecosport India Wheels Options

2017 Ford Ecosport Engine

Make every drop of fuel go further. Revolutionary 1.0-litre 3-cylinder EcoBoost gasoline engine gives you all the power that can be expected of a conventional engine 1.6 (a maximum of 125 PS-140PS). It is no wonder the EcoBoost has been awarded for international engine of the year in a record three years in a row.

2017 Ford Ecosport India Price Diesel Titanium On Road, Diesel power. 1.5 l TDCi diesel option allows you to enjoy up to 95 PS power, fuel efficiency and 64.2 MPG. This sophisticated machinery is available with manual 5 speed transmission that delivers high torque for (less gear changes) and incredible power draw effort and as low as 115 g/km of CO2 emissions.

2017 Ford Ecosport Design

Comfortable seats, always with a vision. The driver’s seat boasts lumbar support integrated and adjustable, making it easy to find and fix his 4-way ideal driving position. The front passenger seat can also be heated (part of the optional winter Pack). The passenger seat can tilt forward and back, so you can make comfortable also. And everyone has a high view of the road.

2017 Ford Ecosport India Price Diesel Rear Angle

Free key means hassle-free. Walking to your car and Ford KeyFree system detects the presence of your key, even if it fits in your pocket or purse. Open the door and when to take your seat is not required for the ignition key. Just hit the clutch, push button ignition Starter Ford and a firetruck in life. (Available in titanium and titanium sport models).

Clear of glass you quickly, with a Quickclear. This feature is cleverly designed to make you move fast on a cool morning. Simply touch a button and ultra thin filaments can overheating of-CE, fog and mist your glass, as well as help freeze of the cleaner. The system works in a matter of seconds, even if it’s below zero outside. (Available as part of the optional package of winter). Rear-view mirrors are hot when it’s cold. As well as for the glass, Quickclear heating system can help you clear all duplications of wing. (Available as part of the optional package of winter)

2017 Ford Ecosport India Price Diesel Titanium On Road

As we get information about 2018 release date of the 2017 Ford Ecosport in branches of the India, Ford Motor Company in India not to launch the Declaration. But, of the United States can predict that the 2017 Ford Ecosport will be launched in India at the end of 2017. Also the price was estimated at $18,500 as base price, only becomes in the eyes of India know the price actually. For your information, the price will be higher than in the United States as a car imported in the India.

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