2018 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor

2020 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor

2018 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor


2018 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor – 2018 Ford Crown Victoria is mainly related to the police while designs are also available to civilians. It’s a car that is mainly used to patrol and police search. The vehicle was withdrawn from the market in 2011 when the United States Government requires that new vehicles should have stability control.
2018 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor
Ford has not failed to comply with the policy and thus should be withdrawn from the market. Recently, there were rumors that runs around the back of the design can be as 2016. If the rumors come true, then we have to wait for a car with little resembles its predecessor, could serve a purpose that is comparable. The vehicle is likely to increase the platform created in Taurus and can also order most of the functions of the Taurus.

2018 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor Interior and Exterior

The Interior of this vehicle especially built for two main purposes to protect you and help you do your job. The driver’s seat is adjustable lumbar support power 6-way. Foam on the second special guest chairs sculpted to accommodate belt teeth, making it easy to buckle your seat belt. Side underneath the seat a court towards special pillow case often enter and exit the cabin all day.


The column shifter allows the open center console space accommodate the police equipment. Open space has the same width as the Crown Victoria Police Interceptor (NOVIAS) for police agencies can install the NOVIAS center console directly to the Police Interceptor.


Dwiguna light illuminated white or red. Red light allows agents to see what they are doing inside the cabin, without a clearly visible from outside the vehicle. Auxiliary plate rear console must interact with the plate front console like cable channels. This helps to facilitate the installation of electronic equipment from the front of the console to the rear of the vehicle.



Facilitated access to the line of passengers with wide opening rear doors on the sedan. Simple door panels have no mapholders or coasters. Door lock hidden plungers that are unique, accessible from the front row of the jambs of door panel door, manually activated to improve prisoners from detention in the second line. The rear bench seat has a design that maximizes space. The rear seat and the floor is covered with heavy duty easy to clean vinyl.


SOLUTIONS OF DRIVER DISTRACTION, driver distraction solution begins with reasignables switches innovative designed steering wheel. When connect you to operate equipment such as lights, sirens, speakers, door switch of canine release, etc, that can help keep your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.
2018 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor exterior


With Ford SYNC voice-activated,® push of a button on the steering wheel and spoken commands. When combining a cell phone or mobile device, automatic synchronization supports hands-free voice calls. SYNC allows also conjugation command devices connected to the USB port. Learn more at SyncMyRide.com.



ROD SEDAN,  stem – the caves of benefactors in the sedan of the Police Interceptor is a purpose completely built. Stop the circulation fan that sucks air from the cabin to the bar, maintaining the conditions of climate and help to protect sensitive electronic equipment from heat stored in the trunk.  As standard full-size spare tires. Electronic slide tray holds up communications equipment market and out of the way. Bar and Vault firmly closed shops counterfeit and other equipment.


LIGHTING SOLUTIONS, the full range of LED lighting solutions are available at the front and rear factory second utility model and the Police Interceptor sedan. The headlights lighting solutions and two LED lights integrated in the headlights. Lighting headlight solutions two backlight LED integrated in the headlights. Solutions for lighting, light sedan and two window flashing of LED backlight mounted on each side of the Center high-mounted braking stop and two interior lamp rear decklid flashing LED lights. Solutions of back lighting, utility and two LED light flashing light window-mounted on the rear door and two flashing LED lights interior rear door mounted on the edge of the bottom. Side marker, Sedan-LED lights mounted on the ventilation side fender. The marker side lights, utility-LED lamps mounted on the side-view mirror monitors.

Ford telematics developed by Telogis®™ is a powerful telematics specifically designed solution to meet the specific needs of the agencies. Track the status of the vehicle’s system in the fleet through a single portal, offers a view real-time location, maintenance requirements, speeding, braking hard, quick starts, the State’s seat belt and other key statistics. The system will help you:

• Promote the safe driving behaviour and help with training
• Limit pro-active maintenance vehicle downtime alert
• Expand the situational awareness
• Provide a secure, encrypted access only is available for authorized users
• Reduce operating costs and general liability